Al Awlaki Eats A Predator Drone. Succumbs to Heartburn.

I’m sure Jeff or Streiff will have more on this later, but it is worth pointing out that Al Qaeda terrorist and American citizen Al Awlaki, who the New York Times and NPR both once praised as a bridge builder between the East and West, is dead.He ate a Predator Drone this morning and it left him with more than a wee case of heart burn.Well done Mr. President. Well done.And we can sit back now and watch people wailing about civil liberties, but remember that had this happened earlier in American history, with the same constitution in place and probably even during the early founding of the Republic when the founders had just written the Bill of Rights, he’d have been hanged as a pirate.Pirates and terrorists caught in the battle field plotting piracy and terrorism don’t need to be mirandized. They need to die.Good riddance.



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