Dear Republican Presidential Candidates

I realize I’m biased, but with the exception of the Tampa, FL CNN-Tea Party debate, I’ve been rather unimpressed with the debates. There are too many of you on the stage. There is not enough time to get into the substance of your answers. And you are all making it about each other instead of about Barack Obama.I happen to have a radio show on the largest talk radio station in the country, which is also connected to a large media group with television and radio outlets in lots of swing states — not to mention running this site, etc.So if any of you want to come down to Atlanta, I’m sure I can find us a stage, some TV cameras, get a web stream going, invite C-SPAN, and have an actual conversation. Let’s plan on an hour chat. We’ll not debate, but have a conversation. We’ll talk not just about your future plans and past record, but also your background.If you’re interested, let me know. We can get it done and provide Republican voters something more than “tell us specifically what your economic plan will be in one minute or less or you get the damn Google Chat beep.”



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