Morning Briefing for August 17, 2011

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For August 17, 2011
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1. Obama’s audacious taxpayer-funded reelection campaign bus tour

Obama thinks we should pay for this reelection campaign bus tour because, in the now infamous words of Press Secretary Carney:

“He’s the President of the United States.”

You can see the “context” of Carney’s comment here.

The political nature of Obama’s trip so blatant that the biased media wing of the Democrats’ party is not even trying to hide it:

  • The Voice of America calls the bus tour a “Three-State Counteroffensive.”
  • Reuters refers to the bus tour as “campaign mode” and “unmistakable campaign style.”
  • The Associated Press reports that Obama starts a “political counteroffensive this week.”

The Republican National Committee has dubbed Obama’s taxpayer-funded reelection campaign bus tour the RNC has dubbed the trip the “Debt-End Bus Tour,” or “DEBT.”

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2. The Greyhound To Nowhere

A lot is wrong in Washington, DC. In response to these problems, President Obama has gotten out of town. He has gone on what RS Colleague, Dan Spencer accurately describes as a taxpayer funded campaign jaunt through Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa. He’ll be out speaking from 15 to 17 August. The President can run, but he cannot hide. The problem is not primarily in Washington, DC. The problem is the very man who organized this Greyhound ride to nowhere.

He argues that he is presenting a new economic package to demonstrate his newfound focus on jobs.

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3. Obama is a Big Black Cloud, says Ed Schultz

The below video from (h/t Larry O’Connor) shows one of the most blatant, race-baiting moments in recent memory. But not from the person MSNBC wants you to think it came from.

“That big black cloud that hangs over America, that debt that is so monstrous.” – Rick Perry

“That black cloud Perry is talking about is President Barack Obama.” – Ed Schultz

No Ed, the black cloud is “that debt”, as the undoctored video shows. Even by MSNBC standards, this selective editing by Ed Schultz, expressly to paint Perry as a racist, is pretty appalling. The ostensibly-more-credible-than-Ed-Schultz ABC News’ “The Note” blog also used the doctored quote (subsequently amended to clarify Perry was talking about the economy).
The fact that this is manufactured, however, didn’t stop some guy at Loop21 saying “Let’s hope he doesn’t actually start “hanging” these big black clouds he speaks of.” Hip Hop Wired ran an article titled “Governor Rick Perry Calls President Obama A “Big Black Cloud” which not only ran the doctored quote, but a completely manufactured one

White House reporter April Ryan tweeted: “Rick Perry’s words ‘a black cloud over this country.’ He knows exactly what he is saying and appealing to.”. And dozens more such tweets from all manner of tweeters on the left.

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4. Ohio Business Owner Shot For Being Non-Union, Police Investigating

With around 25 employees, John King owns one of the largest non-union electrical contracting businesses in the Toledo, Ohio area. As a non-union contractor, his business happens to be doing well at a time when unions in the construction industry are suffering. This, it seems, has made the usual animosity unions have for him even greater, making him a prime target of union thugs. So much so, that one of them tried to kill him last week at his home.

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5. GOP Must Hold the Line Against Obama’s ATM Politics With Free Trade

As Obama travels through America’s heartland on his teleprompter tours bus, he is touting a new plan to create jobs. While he has offered few specifics thus far, Obama is calling for the ratification of the free trade agreements (FTAs) with Columbia, Panama, and South Korea as vehicles for job creation. The rest of his jobs (killing) plan will be released at some later date, possibly at the time when Huntsman releases his proposal.

This newfound support for free enterprise is quite perplexing, given that he has held the FTAs hostage for a pet welfare program, Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), since the day he became president.

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6. Is Karl Rove Afraid of Being Marginalized?

Two nights ago Karl Rove started buzzing about Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, and others getting into the 2012 race.

Yesterday morning, around 10:30, Karl took a shot at Rick Perry on Stuart Varney’s show on Fox.

Karl Rove’s political director for American Crossroads is now working for Mitt Romney. And the word among several reporter friends is that the reason Mitt Romney came out of the Mittness Protection Program when he did was because Rove and friends wanted him to start raising his profile in anticipation of a Perry entry.

So I’m wondering if Karl is worried about staying relevant should Perry gain too much momentum.

If so, Perry better watch out The attacks will come fast and furious.

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