Morning Briefing for August 8, 2011

RedState Morning Briefing
For August 8, 2011

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1. Our Snake-bit President

You know, Barack Obama not only inherited a receding economy from George W. Bush, but he inherited a triple A credit rating too. Maybe we should call him Lemony Snicket, given the series of unfortunate events that have taken place on his watch. There was the BP Oil spill and a terribly bungled Presidential response complete with a disastrous White House address. The Gulf Coast is still reeling from the loss of jobs the President’s policies then caused.There was and is the botched debacle in Libya where we may or may not be involved while we ignore the same thing happening in Syria. We are, after all, “leading from behind.”Then there was, going all the way back to the beginning, his bungled diplomatic support for the communist sympathizers in Honduras against that nation’s own constitutional, democratic processes.Along the way, federal spending has gone up 76% from the time we got our last tax cuts, tax revenue has gone down due to economic conditions (not the Bush tax cuts), the number of people who have given up on searching for unemployment is the most it has been since 1983 and the number of people on food stamps is more than ever.In fact, during this President’s tenure, we’ve reached benchmarks not seen since the Great Depression in terms of negative economic news. His is a food stamp Presidency.Now the stock market has gone down due a series of unfortunate events in a daily succession not seen since Jimmy Carter. But according to our President, that’s all because of the Arab Spring, mother nature, George Bush, and those damned Europeans. Please ignore all this about it being his economy.“Give it to me,” he said of the economy. We did and on Friday we lost our credit rating.On Saturday, Seal Team Six got blown out of the sky in Afghanistan.At least Katrina happened under someone else’s watch.And hey!, there’ll always be Bin Laden, and we can presume the President knows it as he is helping Hollywood roll out a movie about it right before the election to help his poll numbers.At some point we might want to consider that this President’s Presidency is snake bit.Through it all, the man has refused any responsibility and, if anything, behaved more like a professional victim than a leader. His Presidency’s motto is not “the buck stops here,” but “it’s all George Bush’s fault”.Of course, George W. Bush, even with a Congress controlled by Democrats, did not lose us our AAA credit rating and somehow was able to make progress without throwing up his hands and blaming gridlock. Maybe the Presidency is just too much for Barack Obama.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Only the Tea Party Had a $4 Trillion Plan

“S&P’s [John] Chambers is saying the ratings agency wants to see at least a $4 trillion deal, one that would come with bipartisan support, too, because the ratings agency fears without that support, Congress will upend any debt-cutting plan.”There was only ever one plan that did what S&P said was required — $4 trillion in cuts with bipartisan support. That’d be Cut, Cap, and Balance — a plan that cut $4 trillion and got bipartisan support in the House of Representatives.As Democrats tonight, and some Republicans, lash out and blame the Tea Party for causing the United States to lose its credit rating, it is worth pointing out that only the Tea Party offered up a plan to avoid what happened.This is precisely why the GOP should have held the line.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. The GOP Should Be Mindful Of August And Take Back Up Holding the Line

A funny thing happens each August in Washington. The politicians leave and the press gets bored. It is the August silly season where stories start that sometimes snowball.Monica Lewinsky started around August. The Chandra Levy story started in August. The “does Bush vacation too much” story started around August. The Cindy Sheehan stories started around August/ When the House GOP parked itself on the floor of the House with the lights out, that too was August.These stories take on a life of their own with a bored press covering no news. So we can expect that the debt ceiling story and the credit rating will take on a life of its own. And we can already see online and in the press that the White House spin will be to blame the GOP and Tea Party.The White House no longer has a commander in chief in charge, but a professional victim. Last week, it was the Arab Spring, those damn Europeans, Mother Nature, etc. Now it is all about those evil tea partiers.For three years, Barack Obama has blamed George W. Bush for all his ills. Yes, it is true, Barack Obama inherited an economy sliding backward. But it is also true Barack Obama inherited a AAA credit rating from George W. Bush. Obama’s policies have exacerbated a bad economy and caused us to lose our credit rating.But still, expect a full court press to blame the GOP and Tea Party.So I have some quick advice for the GOP.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Left Rushs to Blame the GOP for S&P Downgrade

The S&P has downgraded American credit from AAA to AA+, the first time in history. The left is scrambling to blame the GOP for this and is fixated on one paragraph.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Your Exciting Facts of the Day

With more and more media speculation that Rick Perry is getting in, I’m getting questions from reporters about a projected budget deficit in Texas and several of the reporters make clear that the Democrats are the ones pushing this.Let’s be clear about a few things:1. Rick Perry has never signed into law a budget that did not balance while Barack Obama’s own budget was rejected 97 to 0 by the United States Senate and never balanced. In fact, for the first time in at least 50 years, this year Rick Perry signed into law a budget that was actually less than the prior year’s budget — a real cut to government, not just a cut to growth rates.and my new personal favorite:2. Rick Perry and Barack Obama both inherited credit ratings from George W. Bush. Perry raised his inherited credit rating to AA+ from AA and Barack Obama lowered his inherited credit rating from AAA to AA+.Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. Ron Johnson’s Blue-Slipping of Joe Biden’s Victoria Nourse.

Let me tell you a tale of the incompetence of Vice President Joe Biden. Trust me, this one is even better than usual.Once upon a time, back in the days when Joe Biden was a bad Senator instead of a bad Vice President, he had a staffer named Victoria Nourse. Ms. Nourse’s major claim to fame was ‘helping’ to write the (later deemed partially-unconstitutional) Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) that was one of Senator Biden’s signature pieces of legislation; ‘helped’ is in square quotes because originally Biden took full credit for the law – like Biden typically does – until he got caught at it in 2007. This was, of course, perhaps a little awkward… but then events transpired in 2008 that Senator Biden became Vice President Biden, which meant that Ms. Nourse could be given a nice consolation prize of a federal judgeship.Please click here for the rest of the post.

7. RS Gathering: Book Now!

If you have not booked your room for the RedState Gathering, do it now. We are running out of rooms fast and in a few days there will be none left at the venue hotels.The Third Annual RedState Gathering is coming up very soon – and we’d like to invite you to attend.With the race for the GOP presidential nomination shifting into high gear, this much-anticipated annual gathering promises to be the best one yet.It will be held on August 12-14 at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina — and will feature as its keynote speaker South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, along with Governor Rick Perry, Senator Jim DeMint, and many more. You can find the full agenda here.Please click here for the rest of the post.