A note to you disenchanted tea party activists

I’m getting a lot of emails from tea party members rather upset with members of Congress today.The funniest story I’ve heard today from several people on the hill is that the House GOP held a budget “listening” session to learn how to message better for tea parties and independents. The House GOP leaders really thought that they had the policy right and just needed to work on the message — troubling in that this is exactly what the Democrats told themselves as they went down in flames in 2010.In any event, one of the pollster types in the room pointed out that the tea partiers and independents actually understand the message and understand the policy — they aren’t rubes. It’s just they hate the policy. Anyway, for those of you who are disenchanted, just consider that because of your continued, aggressive stand in defense of freedom, Lindsey Graham and Orrin Hatch are holding the line even when Jeff Flake and Mike Pence are going wobbly.Consider that a small victory in this large fight for fiscal sanity.



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