I see a lot of John Boehner Plan supporters mockingly referring to guys like Mike Pence as “RINOs”.I have not and will not.Let’s be clear that while a number of us in the past few days have been called hobbits and “pro-Obama” this remains a disagreement among guys who are typically friends.I disagree with Mike Pence and Allen West on this one. They are not RINOs and anyone who thinks they are is as deserving as the mental ward as John Boehner and his leadership team for dividing a group of people who stood united last week.The problem as I see it is that we have a lot of good guys who are being team players at the expense of their principles.I know I get frequently accused of not being a team player. In truth, I rarely am. Why? Because in my experience I’d rather advocate for the principled position and then let the elected guys figure out how far to deviate from the principle. Sometimes, I try to prevent them from going over the cliff like lemmings. Today is one of those days.These guys aren’t RINOs in one vote. Mike Pence is a profoundly decent guy I’m proud to support for Governor. I think, however, that Pence and a number of otherwise solid conservatives are today being lemmings willing to go over the cliff in support of the team rather than standing up and saying “NUTS.” And for a guy like Pence, it is doubly saddening because this is how his congressional career end will be remembered. Marc Anthony was right — “the good is oft interred with their bones.” People remember the bad.Friends are allowed to disagree. Friends are expected to forgive. It’s all part of friendship.Besides, the filthy hobbitses eventually win anyway. 😉



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