White House and Congressional Leaders Resort to Fearmongering

If you’ve seen the recent Harry Potter or watched any of a host of exorcism movies, you know that right before the demon dies, he lashes out most brutally and fearfully to try to get you to give up.We’re seeing the demon of out of control government lashing out in spectacular fashion now before House Republicans kill it.In one last spectacular bout, the White House and Congressional leaders are summoning Standards & Poor to Congress to scare the beejezus out of House Republican Freshman. They are bringing in the Grim Reaper to proclaim death if a deal is not reached.House Republicans should first note that S&P did not see the financial crisis come and also note that the White House and Congressional leaders did the exact same thing on TARP.Then House Republicans need to open their eyes, laugh at death, and finish the exorcism.They are being asked by their leadership and the White House to embrace one of two poisons:


The first poison, McConnell’s Pontius Pilate Act, would let the President drive up debt by $2 trillion without any cuts.The second poison, the Gang of 6’s Gangrene, would drive up debt by $2 trillion, not make cuts of $3.5 trillion for ten years and even then depend on subsequent Congresses actually agreeing to those cuts, and also foist on the American public the largest tax hike in American history while being dishonest enough to call it a tax cut.Poison kills. And either of these poisons, despite what the S&P or any politician may say, will kill the long term prospects of this Republic being financially solvent.Why?Because the House GOP is performing an exorcism on government spending. It has the only plan that can pass by August 2, 2011, that cuts spending, caps future spending, and balances the budget. It has the only long term plan that meets the credit reporting agencies’ demands without relying on future agreements to do things Congress has never had the will do to. The Senate and White House do not want to stop spending. They do not want to be restrained.So they’ll bring in the S&P, claim disaster, beg for live, and hope the GOP in the House gives up the fight and stops the exorcism before the demon is driven out.House Republicans: Hold the freaking line. They are trying to scare the crap out of you to prevent you from saving the Republic. Do you really believe the same people and the same bipartisan deals that got us to $14 trillion in debt will somehow get us out of it?Hold the line.



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