Morning Briefing for March 23, 2011

RedState Morning Briefing
For March 23, 2011

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1. My Working Theory on Obama in Libya

Obama has not really had a personal international crisis. Libya gives him exactly that. He can use the U.S. Military to prove he is not afraid of using the U.S. Military. He can look Presidential. He can get Politico drafted “Lewinskies” about how he dared to stop having dinner in Chile for updates on downed American pilots in Libya.Suddenly Obama can look Presidential again — all through manufacturing the need for American involvement where there was no need. Barack Obama wants to be re-elected. The best playbook for his re-election is that of Bill Clinton. But Clinton had a government shutdown and Kosovo. In the absence of either, Barack Obama must manufacture them.And he has.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. The Fatal Flaw Of The Federal Subsidy. Why Things Aren’t Swell In The Land of Pell.

An old economic fallacy argues the following: Anything you subsidize, you get more of. Sadly, like bloggers jumping the latest shred of rumor they would like to believe, our political leadership decided that this supposed truism was Too good to check! One example of where the foolish fallacy has led to misery, involves the current state of the Pell Grant Program.US Senator Claiborne Pell’s name-sake program was designed to give low-income Americans an opportunity to climb out of poverty through education. Senator Pell took great pride in providing Federal Money to educate people. He famously remarked “the real strength and health of America is the sum total of the education and the character of our people.” (HT: The all diligent workers paving the road to Hell, the senator’s intentions were both noble and good. Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Are Union-Bought Democrats Rushing to the Aid of the Union-Controlled NLRB?

For the last several years, outside of union bosses themselves, there has been no greater proponent behind the hallucinogenically-named Employee Free Choice Act—the failed bill that effectively would have killed secret-ballot elections on unionization in the workplace—than California Democrat Congressman George Miller. In fact, going all the way back to 2003, Miller has introduced the job-killing legislation in the 108th, 109th and 110th Congress’, where it finally passed the House in 2007 (but stalled in the Senate).Since EFCA is effectively dead for the time being, union bosses and their dues-funded Democrats are relying on the union-controlled National Labor Relations Board to unionize America’s workforce for them. However, unemployment is still hovering around 9% and under-employment closer to 17%, and we also have a national debt that is simply staggering. As a result, Republican lawmakers are looking for savings in as many areas as possible. This includes $50 million from the NLRB—one several agencies that is actively working to kill an already anemic economic recovery.Despite the fact that the NLRB’s caseload is considerably less than it was ten years ago, the AFL-CIO, as well as the union zealots who serve on the NLRB, and Democrat George Miller are apoplectic over the proposed cuts—presumably because the cuts throw a monkey wrench into their plans.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Sen. McCaskill: “We have paid every dime of our taxes.”

That is, McCaskill said that she did, back in 2006 in an ad.For those who don’t remember the initial controversy mentioned in the ad, McCaskill’s husband was linked to some extraordinarily poorly-operated Missouri nursing homes at the same time that McCaskill herself had oversight over Missouri nursing homes as Missouri State Auditor. As you can see, back in 2006 McCaskill vehemently denied any wrongdoing, just before she declared that she paid her taxes.Which she actually did not do in 2006; and has continued to not do since then.Please click here for the rest of the post.



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