Jack Murphy Must Step Down

If you live in Georgia, you are experiencing a total meltdown of Republican leadership in the State Senate. You, as a voter, are going to need to take action. For the reasons set forth below, one of the best first steps is to go to http://action.redstate.com and follow the link to call your state senator about Senator Jack Murphy.It is clear the Georgia Senate Republicans are discombobulated what with Casey Cagle unable to tie his shoes and demanding people respect his authority a la Cartman.But the matter of Jack Murphy is ridiculous. The issue is not that there is a civil lawsuit against Jack Murphy.The issue is that of over 300 failed banks in the nation and 56 in Georgia, only three nationwide are being sued and Murphy’s is one of them. Further, the nature of the suit disqualifies Jack Murphy from sitting on the board of any bank anywhere.People get sued all the time. That’s not the issue. The issue is the nature of this suit and the fact that the FDIC is not going around willy-nilly suing all the failed banks — just three.Many people, including the State Senate, will say to let the process play out. Were this a regular civil lawsuit, I would agree. But this is not ordinary. Murphy cannot now sit on the board of any bank, but he is chairing the committee that writes the rules for banks.More importantly, unless Republicans in Georgia are willing to hold their own accountable and clean up their own messes, they will wind up like the national Republicans in 2006. We must encourage the Republicans to be adults and stay above the strong apperance of impropriety.Again, it is not that Jack Murphy got sued. That can happen to anyone. The issue is that of all the hundreds of banks that have failed in the United States, only three, including Jack Murphy’s bank, are being sued and Murphy cannot now sit on the boards of the very institutions whose laws he is writing.You can go to http://action.redstate.com, click the top link, and find your State Senator. Call and tell him or her that Jack Murphy needs to relinquish the chairmanship of the banking committee until this matter is resolved.Oh, and tell them to back Tommie Williams against Casey Cagle while you are at it.



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