Cruz or Williams in Texas

The rumor is that, as we all expected David Dewhurst, who is more like DewCrist, is going to be running for Kay Bailey Hutchison’s Senate seat. Senator Hutchison has said she is not going to run again.


DewCrist has the money and is the man to beat. We must beat him.

In a state with no income tax, DewCrist is on record supporting an income tax. He’s not as good as we can do.

There are two, however, who will make conservatives happy:

Ted Cruz and Michael Williams.

Williams is more charismatic and dynamic than Ted Cruz, who has never run for statewide office before. Ted Cruz is, however, a bit more to the right than Williams.

They would both be stellar candidates, but only one of them can win. And here’s the catch — if they fight it out, DewCrist will win. That is unacceptable.

I will go with either Williams or Cruz. But I think we should see how much money they can raise before I or you decide. Money is going to be a necessary component in this fight against DewCrist. In a state like Texas, all the grassroots support in the world will not get you very far if you don’t have the money to mobilize them and increase your name ID.

Whether it is Williams or Cruz, we win. But only if we rally and not divide between the two, letting Dewcrist win.


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