The Blame Game and Prayers Begin

Editorial Note: This morning, prior to this news, we were running a caption contest on this cartoon. We have suspended that contest and removed the cartoon from the front page.— Erick—————————–A terrible tragedy today. Rep. Giffords of Arizona was gunned down and, though early reports were that she is dead, the hospital is confirming, as of this writing, that she is alive and in surgery. 11 others were apparently shot and six others are dead.I spent an hour with Rep. Giffords a few months ago. She and I were sitting in Jim Bohannon’s studio with Robert Reich was on the air. She’d driven him over to the studio. We chatted for an hour. We disagreed on much. She was extremely, exceedingly nice.My prayers are for her and her family.Unfortunately, the left is using this tragedy to score political points. Rep. Giffords was on Gov. Palin’s target list for defeat this past November. The left claims Gov. Palin has blood on her hands. So does the tea party movement.Less than a year ago a gunman stormed into the Discovery Channel’s headquarters, taking hostages and threatening to kill them all. The left immediately accused the man of being a tea party activist.Unfortunately for the left, the man turned out to be an envirowacko leftist raised on Algore’s global warming garbage. Immediately, the left changed their tune and proclaimed that no longer could we as partisans accuse each other of causing things like this. There are just crazy people in the world and tragedies happen.My, my how quickly they forget.The truth is there is evil in this world. Evil exists where God does not and as we drive God further and further away, evil creeps in more and more. Today was not a random act of violence. It was a profound evil. Let’s not pretend it wasn’t. Let’s not pretend evil does not exist.But let’s not let the left, yet again, spin this against the tea party movement, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or Sarah Palin inciting violence. That’s both a profound lie and just another, though lesser, bit of evil.




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