Haley Barbour Concurs And Phones Are Ringing In RNC Land

While the RNC is pushing back against people like me for pointing out they did not mount a good GOTV effort because they sabotaged their 72 hour program, they’ll have a hard time pushing back against Haley Barbour.Barbour has, a bit surprisingly, gone on the record to say that the RNC’s get out the vote (GOTV) efforts were sub-par. Given just how effective the Republican Governors Association was last week, it’ll make any sort of push back against Barbour difficult.


Well that’s up to the Committee, and I will say that this time the RNC was not able to do what they’ve often done in the past, and the Governor’s Association, the Senate and House Campaign Committees, and others had to scramble around and increase their gathering of resources beyond what normally would’ve been the case because the RNC was not able to do what it had done in the past.

But this is the tip of the iceberg. I’m told by several people close to multiple 2012 contenders and also some present elected officials that Republican committeemen began receiving phone calls at the end of last week making the case that it is time for a change at the RNC.In fact, after reading my post from yesterday, one potential 2012 contender emailed me directly and said I could quote him as long as I didn’t use his name:

Whoever the nominee is [in 2012] will control the RNC, but until that point someone needs to be there who everyone has confidence in. That person is not there now.

If the RNC does start looking, have I got a suggestion for them.


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