A Brief Word In Defense of Keith Olbermann

As you know, Keith Olbermann was suspended from MSNBC for giving political contributions to three Democrats.For the past several years, Olbermann has been giving in-kind contributions to various Democrats by putting them on the air to let them go unchallenged and unhinged. See e.g. Alan Grayson.I was shocked that Olbermann got booted for giving money, considering he has for some time given aid and comfort to the ragtag group of socialists just repudiated by the public.For MSNBC to say Olbermann is somehow an objective reporter does a grand disservice to both objectivity and reporters. It is sheer and utter nonsense. Neither Olbermann, Maddow, Matthews, or any of the others over there make any pretense at objectivity — but they sure did hide behind it Friday night when discussing Olbermann as if they were somehow better than everyone else.What Olbermann did is not out of line with what he does regularly on television.Here’s the thing though — rules is rules. There was a clear rule. Olbermann violated the rule. He will now suffer the penalty. A lesser MSNBC “talent” would have been fired.I may not like the rule, but it is there. I frankly believe that this was just an excuse. Olbermann has been running roughshod over the network for a while, bullying his way around the office, and even hilariously refusing to lean forward for the camera when participating in the “Lean Forward” ad campaign for MSNBC.In a week when the GOP took back the House and made historic gains nationwide, it is almost more excitement than any conservative can bear to witness Olbermann’s suspension at MSNBC.Thanks Keith! You made our already awesome week even more awesome.



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