The Civil War

Everyone in the media wants to talk about a Republican civil war. There are certainly feuds, but now that the election, the civil war that mostly played itself out in primaries between NRSC backed candidates and the eventual winners of most of the primaries is largely over, other than a few Senate aides and Senators upset about not being in the majority. Note to them: suck eggs.What the media is largely ignoring is the Democrat Civil War, a sign of which is Heath Shuler stepping forward to oppose Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader.This will end quickly for a number of reasons, including the fact that most of the Blue Dog Democrats and conservative Democrats who held back the Democrats from going full on communist over the last few years have been destroyed, wiped out, and eradicated by the voters.So the Democrats are left with a geriatric lot of old socialists who live among coastal elites, largely decaying urban cores, or in majority-minority districts that blot the South looking like caterpillars on crystal meth. These people will not be amenable to one of the surviving Lap Blue Dogs serving as their Speaker when their growing conventional wisdom is that they lost by failing to go further left; oh, and having a bad message.There is, of course, a much greater reason that the media and left, but I repeat myself, want to talk about a Republican Civil War. Very simply put, there are not enough Democrats left in office to have a full on civil war, but there are a great deal many more — vastly more — Republicans in office today who are both more ideologically and ethnically diverse than ever before.Yes, Republicans can win in New England. And pretty much everywhere else too. But Democrats? They are persona non-grata in pretty much every middle class and blue collar congressional district across the country.



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