Nancy Pelosi Wishes Everyone Well But Americans

Here is Nancy Pelosi’s twitter feed.

Today she wished Muslims celebrating Ramadan “joy, wisdom, and countless blessings.”

On August 3rd, she wished the Sing Tao newspaper a happy 35th birthday.


On July 6th Nancy Pelosi wished the Dalai Lama a happy 75th birthday.

On July 4th the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives . . . oh, you’ve figured it out. Nancy Pelosi didn’t do a darn thing on Twitter for the 4th of July — no “Happy Birthday America” or “God/Allah/Aqua Buddha bless the USA” or anything else.

Back on August 20th in 1984, Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick gave her famous “San Francisco Democrats” speech in which she said, among other things, “And now, the American people, proud of our country, proud of our freedom, proud of ourselves, will reject the San Francisco Democrats and send Ronald Reagan back to the White House.”

This year we will yet again reject the San Francisco Democrats and send Republicans back to take over Congress.


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