The Curious Tale of the Amended Complaint and the Three Day Countdown

We haven’t done enough to promote Tom Graves at RedState. We’ve been — okay I’ve been — so busy it’s fallen by the wayside.But Tom is in a real dogfight in Georgia’s 9th Congressional District. The runoff is rapidly approaching for the special election that could make Tom Graves the next Congressman from North Georgia.He is in the runoff against an obnoxious RINO named Lee Hawkins whose greatest claim to fame is siding with the liberal Democrats in the Georgia legislature to try to kill a jobs bill Tom Graves wrote because the bill was too free market and didn’t rely on government enough.I. Am. Not. Kidding.So let’s rewind a bit. Tom Graves and State Senator Chip Rogers are partners in a company that owns a motel. A church in their area uses it for rehabilitation of drug addicts and others. Graves and Rogers transferred ownership a while back to someone else and are now in a lawsuit regarding the mortgage on the property — Graves is experiencing the business impact of the Obama economy first hand.Well, the day after Tom Graves won the primary and headed into the runoff, the plaintiff in the lawsuit curiously amended the complaint to allege a fraudulent transfer of the hotel ownership. Formerly being an attorney representing banks, that’s a frequent allegation — but it is very curious the bank amended the day after the primary instead of putting it in the original complain when it is clear from the facts of the original complaint that the bank knew of the transfer.Made more curious — RINO Lee Hawkins had a copy of the amendment in the press’s hand before Tom Graves‘s attorneys had even responded to it. It looks like, though obviously can’t be proven, that the amended complaint was part of a well orchestrated hit job.We should not reward Lee Hawkins for dirty campaigning.I take this race personally because I know Tom Graves. I like Tom Graves. He will be a fundamental freedom fighter in Congress. He will be a conservative before he is a Republican. Lee Hawkins will not. Hawkins will fund bridges to nowhere and bring home bacon while throwing freedom under the bus. We can’t let that happen. We need Tom Graves to win.Whoever wins the runoff next week becomes the next United States Congressman from the Ninth District of Georgia.We have just over three days until the runoff. Give every dollar you can. Get Tom Graves to Congress.



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