Everything You Need to Know About Why Voting Rand Paul Makes Sense

Let’s ignore the lies Trey Grayson is telling about Rand Paul and just look at the debate from the other night. This pretty much encapsulates the debate, except it is really hard to convey the total level of smugness that exudes from Trey Grayson. South Park could do a follow up to their smug cloud episode and move to Kentucky where it’d just follow Trey Grayson around everywhere. But I digress . . .


“When we tighten our belt doesn’t mean we should throw out all those kind of earmarks,” Grayson said in defending the dollars directed toward a program called “Unite.”Paul retorted that Grayson was promoting “the Democrat mantra — let’s throw money at the problem.”He advocated “more local solutions and less of Washington telling us what to do.”

Trey Grayson has attacked Rand Paul for not wanting to bring home the bacon.Trey Grayson has attacked Rand Paul for wanting to vote for balanced budgets. What the heck type of Republican opposes balanced budgets? Apparently, only Trey Grayson.Grayson also defended the federal government’s role in Kentucky’s education and also the Agriculture Department and all of the Washington dollars flowing from the corrupt and over-bloated farm bill.And lastly? When Rand Paul attacked TARP, Trey Grayson kept his mouth shut. Grayson has never actually said definitively if he would or would not have supported TARP.That’s all you need to know for why I gave Rand Paul $100.00 yesterday and that’s all you need to know for why Jim DeMint has endorsed Rand Paul.



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