Conservatives Need to Support Danny Tarkanian in Nevada

“We have too many of those in Washington — people who give Harry Reid campaign contributions, then run against him.”

Pretty much the entirety of the Republican Establishment is lining up behind Sue Lowden to beat Harry Reid in Nevada.Not me.I just don’t trust her. From her record in the Nevada legislature to her time as head of the Nevada GOP, I think conservatives can do better. I think Danny Tarkanian makes a lot of sense.While Sue Lowden has been running on the “beat Harry Reid” theme, she has ignored both her campaign contributions to Harry Reid and issues. Meanwhile, Danny Tarkanian is taking clear, conservative policy positions we can all support.The race in Nevada has tightened to ten points in a Research 2000 poll and internal Nevada polls have the gap between Lowden and Danny Tarkanian much closer.Let’s delve into this below the fold.Lowden is, right now, totally on defense over her campaign contributions to Harry Reid — largely because Danny Tarkanian talked about them when everyone else was ignoring them.Danny Tarkanian has received the endorsement of the Minuteman Project for clear positioning on immigration. Meanwhile, Sue Lowden is wavering on the issue of benefits to illegal immigrants. Check out Danny Tarkanian’s latest ad on immigration and you’ll get the picture. Danny has a clear policy prescription and Sue is muddying the water over whether or not she supports benefits to illegal aliens.Lowden has likewise flip-flopped on abortion. It took her campaign almost two weeks to make up its mind on what her position is. She’s also running a campaign devoid of messages — something about “checks and chickens” with a few plugs for gender and male bashing.Making it even worse for Lowden, she chickened out in a debate with Danny Tarkanian. Lowden canceled her appearance at a debate in Reno at the last minute after getting slammed by Danny Tarkanian at the debate in Las Vegas the night before. She has allegedly passed on media appearances instead dispatching her campaign manager to do radio (the Heidi Harris Show) and Jon Ralston’s Face-to-Face. On Face to Face, her campaign manager revived bartergate with quixotic statements about access to healthcare.You want to know what “bartergate” is? If you haven’t seen Jay Leno mocking her for it, just read this. Lowden is going to be a general election nightmare. She may be backed by pretty much every establishment Republican, but that’s because she is an establishment Republican.We have too many of those in Washington — people who give Harry Reid campaign contributions, then run against him.I’m with Danny Tarkanian and I hope you will be too.



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