RedState Has the Pulse of the Grassroots

“You want to know where conservatives are going to be tomorrow, next week, or next month? Read RedState. We aren’t angry. We’re just taking over.

I don’t normally go all in for braggadocios posts, but I think today warrants one.Back in December of 2008, I got a lot of crap piled on me from a lot of people for daring to support a guy named Marco Rubio. It is easy now to forget what it was like when I started touting Rubio and going into February of 2009 when I formally endorsed him.After all, the popular governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, was going to get in. Where did I get off thinking I knew better than the NRSC. But this community pulled together and we went all in for Marco Rubio.About the same time, I started writing that Bob Bennett not only could be beaten, but should be beaten by a guy named Mike Lee. Again, there was a s**tstorm of anger, overreaction, and nonsense over me daring to say that — was I crazy? Was I trying to get the GOP beaten?Today, Bob Bennett is beaten and Mike Lee makes it into a primary.Along the way, we picked off Arlen Specter, Dede Scozzafava, and others. Soon, hopefully, we’ll beat Trey Grayson too.Sadly, we did not see Marlin Stutzman over the line and into the primary, but we cannot win everywhere — though we should try. Next up will be Ken Buck in Colorado.You can disagree if you want. You can throw rocks if you like. But this site, unlike any other out there on our side, I think, really has the pulse of the conservative grassroots.Even some on our own side want to call us out of touch or fringe. Those who do are mistaken. We are leading the conservative counterinsurgency and are fulling in tune with the pulse of the American conservative grassroots. You want to know where conservatives are going to be tomorrow, next week, or next month? Read RedState.We aren’t angry. We’re just taking over.

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