TDS Afflicted Jennifer Rubin Conducts a Poll to Discredit States for Reopening Economies; Steps on a Rake


Jennifer Rubin


President Trump has been living rent-free in Jennifer Rubin’s head for the past four years. Every day, her profound hatred for the President compels this poor afflicted woman to humiliate herself in a new way.


On Monday, in an attempt to hit the President for encouraging states to reopen their economies, she initiated a poll asking her followers which was the dumbest thing to reopen now, hair salons, beaches or retail stores.

Apparently, some have taken this seriously. She already has over 12,000 votes. (She will report the results at 9 pm tonight which leaves you only nine more hours to cast your vote. Better hurry.)

Many others, however, responded to Rubin’s poll by writing in answers of their own.

Let’s take a look at some of these.

The number one “write-in” answer? The dumbest thing to reopen now is (drumroll, please) – “your mouth.”

Others expanded upon that answer:

“I’d say your mouth but it has never been closed.”

“Missing option D) Jennifer Rubin’s twitter account.”

“A copy of The Washington Post.”

“I would say: D: NYC Subways. Oh wait…those never closed. But our beaches?”

“Missing option: D) Jennifer Rubin’s twitter account.”

“Any of your tweets or deranged columns.”

“Anything written by Jennifer Rubin.”

“Your browser.”

Several times a week, Rubin becomes the news because of another tone-deaf tweet she’s sent. Here are the several of the most recent.


In an op-ed published last week, Rubin listed all of the things we can blame on President Trump once the current crisis is over. The piece sounds like the ramblings of a borderline psychotic. Rubin writes:

What if we had acted earlier? The country deserves to know at least in rough terms the number of deaths that could have been avoided had Trump responded quickly to his advisers’ warnings dating back to November or even to the end of January, when the WHO sounded its alarm.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) took offense to this op-ed and wrote a rebuttal. He called on her to “STOP. REWRITING. HISTORY.” I posted about Crenshaw’s response here.

Last week, Rubin responded to a tweet by George Washington University law school professor Jonathan Turley, in which he had reacted to WA Gov. Jay Inslee’s decision to cancel schools in his state for the remainder of the year. Rubin replied, “Sadly, you’ve become crackpotish. This is an absurd argument.”  My colleague, Sister Toldjah, posted on this story here.


Here’s another recent one also from Sister Toldjah. Rubin writes that “the GOP has become a death cult.”

Rubin has lost all objectivity. Everything she writes is filtered through her lens of hatred for President Trump. Her commentary has become hysterical and no longer bears any resemblance to the truth. I used to read her column regularly and it never ceases to amaze me how a person’s entire political belief system can do a 180 over a president they don’t like. On the other hand, perhaps Rubin is simply returning to her UC Berkeley roots. Maybe that was the real Jennifer Rubin.


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