Bernie Sanders: 'All We've Got to Do is Name These People Terrorists' and 'We Can Assassinate Them'


In an interview on Wednesday with PBS, Bernie Sanders was asked, “Senator, you’ve said that this is in violation to international law, so does that mean you believe that President Trump has committed a war crime?”


“Look, when you go around assassinating leaderships in governments, you are setting a precedent which says to any country on earth, hey, all we’ve got to do is name these people terrorists, call ’em what you want, and we can assassinate them.”

I have no words to describe the stupidity of Sanders’ remark.

Unfortunately, his stupidity encapsulates the sentiments of many Democrats and all of the mainstream media. So consumed with hatred for President Trump, they’ve actually taken the side of the terrorists.

Qassem Soleimani was responsible for the deaths of 608 American soldiers and for the injuries of countless others. His Quds Force actively trained, financed and directed terrorist proxy groups which killed thousands of foreigners throughout the Middle East. To me, and to most rational people, there is no question that he and his organization qualify as terrorists.


Is Sanders even curious about why Soleimani had traveled to Baghdad on the night of his death? According to the Pentagon, he had “plans to attack American diplomats and service members.” In the week prior to his death, he had been the mastermind behind proxy group Kataib Hezbollah’s rocket attack on a military base near Kirkuk, which killed an American contractor and wounded several others and he was behind the groups’ storming of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad four days later. What is it about taking out this regional thug does Sanders find objectionable?

Sanders pretends that the U.S. strike on Soleimani is the same as if Trump were to put Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the designated terrorist to justify killing him. There is a grand canyon sized difference. But his foolish remarks appeal to his base and he is running for President.

Perhaps the sharpest criticism of the strike on Soleimani is coming from former Obama Administration officials. Obama’s foreign policy was a boon for the terrorists, especially so for the Iranians, who were the biggest beneficiaries of Obama’s largesse. Think about how many more people were “terrorized” with all of that cash.


Despite all of the disapproval coming from the left, the killing of the ruthless general has already benefitted the U.S. In a story I posted on earlier that received very little attention given its significance, terrorists in Iraq are hiding and/or fleeing the country in fear that they may be next. If Trump was capable of killing Soleimani, something that no other President would have considered, he’s capable of killing any one of them.

In that post, I quoted Daniel Hoffman, a retired CIA station chief and former chief of the CIA‘s Middle East Department, who had told investigative reporter Sara Carter:

Trump’s decapitation strike targeting general Qassem Soleimani was a seminal moment, a change in strategy for the United States and how we deal with Iran’s aggression.

Trump made it clear that we will deal with everyone’s proxy militia foot soldiers but we will also deal with Iranian leaders who are responsible for making the decisions that put our people and installations in harms way…

It’s with a high level of confidence that Iran’s military leaders have likely changed their calculus about the risks they are taking by ordering strikes against the United States.

They will operate with far less boldness knowing they are being monitored and might be next. For this reason alone, Trump’s decision was worth it.


Liberals will continue to ignore the good news that Americans (and Middle Easterners) are safer with the “elimination” of Soleimani. And the media will continue to spout their lies to the American people who, judging by the falling ratings of CNN and MSNBC, might be starting to catch on.

The mentality of Bernie Sanders and all of the others who are taking the side of the terrorists over America are reminiscent of Neville Chamberlain and his supporters in the years leading up to World War II. Appeasement brought them the Third Reich.

No thank you.

Alarmingly, the lead editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal is titled, “Be Prepared for President Sanders.”

Also, no thank you.


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