RNC Internal Polling Data Reveals Changes in Three Key Areas Since Pelosi Announced Impeachment Inquiry


The GOP polls 2020 target states on a weekly basis. On Tuesday, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel sent out a tweet showing how their internal poll numbers have changed since September 24th, the date House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stood before a line of U.S. flags, and announced the opening of the impeachment inquiry. Because no man is above the law.


Surprisingly, McDaniel reports that opposition to the hearings among Democrats is up 6 points. Could it be that there are still some sane members left in the Democratic Party who see this spectacle for what it is? Regardless of what new information is learned, no matter how favorably it may reflect on President Trump, there are a large number of Democrats who will not be swayed. Most Democrats hate Trump so much that, even though they’re well aware of how unfairly he’s been treated, they’re willing to go along with anything that will remove him from office. A six point shift doesn’t seem like much, but even a small move can swing an election.

This shift also makes sense in light of the recent rally data released by Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, which I posted about here. He reported that 27% of those who attended Trump’s Tupelo, MS rally on November 1st identified themselves as Democrats. At an October 17th rally held in Dallas, TX, 21.4% identified as Democrats. These figures are stunning.

It would be interesting to see the RNC’s internal polling numbers for independent voters. If a small number of Democrats are willing to see the truth, there’s an even greater likelihood that independents who are on the fence will be persuadable.


I’d be willing to bet that once Americans get a taste of what is sure to be Adam Schiff’s pretentious, imperious performance in the public hearings which will begin in several hours, even more Democrats will change their minds.

This tweet was published on Tuesday morning, so it doesn’t factor in Schiff’s warning to those who utter the whistleblower’s name during the hearings. Anyone who does so will face ethics violations. It’s as if he exists in his own little reality. He pretends that no one knows the identity of the whistleblower and we all have to go along with him.

It may not even factor in Schiff’s blanket denial over the weekend of the entire list of Republican witnesses. I realize that the majority party in the House sets the rules, but Schiff’s and Pelosi’s Soviet Union-style measures guarantee the outcome before the hearings even start.

Next, the data shows that Biden’s unfavorability rating has risen by 10 points. Maybe his boast about forcing the Ukrainian president to fire the prosecutor who was about to question his son by holding back $1 billion in U.S. aid is resonating. Also, Republicans have highlighted Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal with Burisma Holdings. Perhaps some Democrats actually understand the major conflict of interest that presents. So do many independents.


Finally, although McDaniel doesn’t disclose the size of the change, she reported that President Trump’s approval rating has increased. Bill Clinton experienced the highest approval ratings of his presidency after he was acquitted by the Senate. I would guess that will be the case for President Trump as well.

Let the games begin!


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