While Jake Tapper Is Interviewing Kellyanne Conway, Jeff Zucker Tells Producer to Skip Commercials, Extend Interview, 'Just F***ing Nail Her'


While yesterday’s full video from Project Veritas #Expose CNN series was relatively tame, today founder James O’Keefe reports an instance that is truly despicable.


While CNN host Jake Tapper was on the air interviewing White House Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway, CNN President Jeff Zucker enters the control room and tells the show’s executive producer to skip commercials, extend the interview from seven minutes to 25, and to “just f***ing nail her.”

The whistleblower, Cary Poarch, donned his hidden camera and recorded his exchange with CNN Media Coordinator Christian Sierra. He asked Sierra, “So Jeff Zucker runs the show?”

Sierra responded by saying, “Jeff Zucker runs the show. He made, he will personally go into the control room. and if Jake Tapper’s interviewing Kellyanne Conway, he went into the control room during that interview and he was like, keep going and keep going. Ask the questions. We’ll pass the commercial breaks. Keep going…I mean they turned a seven minute interview into a 25 minute interview.”

Poarch asked why.

Sierra said, “Because Jeff Zucker personally got on the phone with the Executive Producer of Tapper’s show.”

Poarch asked what was happening.

Sierra replied, “Oh, he got into his ear. He was interviewing Kellyanne Conway and it was a tough exchange. She was arguing back and forth with Jake Tapper and Zucker told them in the ear piece, keep going, keep going, keep going. Don’t stop you guys.”


Poarch said, “Cause you were jamming her up.”


Sierra is referring to an exchange between Tapper and Conway over the North Korean hostages. Sierra felt this treatment of Conway was fine because “she lies all the time.”

This clip is from Part 3 of the Expose which O’Keefe plans on Thursday. Maybe O’Keefe thought releasing the whole video would be overshadowed by coverage of the Democratic Debate.

Part 1 was interesting, part 2, a disappointment. We’ll see what the full part 3 brings us. If there’s anything that’s interesting, I’ll post it.


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