In Four Days, Trump Has Made 'One Squad Under God' The Face Of The Democratic Party

FILE - In this Oct. 13, 2016 file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers a speech in Columbus, Ohio. The state’s role this year shapes up to be potential spoiler for Trump’s chances of reaching 270 electoral votes. While Hillary Clinton appears to have paths to the total needed for election without Ohio, the state’s 20 votes are considered crucial for Trump. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)


Despite the Democrats’ indignation over his tweets on Sunday, the House vote on Tuesday to condemn him for his so-called racist comments about One Squad Under God, Wednesday’s House vote on whether or not to go ahead with impeachment and another vote to hold his Attorney General and Secretary of Commerce in criminal contempt of Congress, President Trump has driven a mack truck right through the heart of the Democratic Party. It seems there was a method to his madness after all. He has managed to make the gang of four the face of the Democratic Party.


Nobody’s feeling too sorry for any of the four radical, opportunistic, snot-nosed socialists who have taken control of the party. They forged ahead carelessly without bothering to first acquaint themselves with the ways of Washington believing that by sheer audacity, they could achieve their goals. Their reckless rhetoric, their bigoted statements, and their transparent lust for power have turned them into pretty unsympathetic characters. As Laura Ingraham said on her show last night, “you give the Squad an inch and they’ll take the country.”

These women made a big splash upon their arrival in Washington and I would argue that a large part of that was because of their race. It certainly wasn’t due to their oversized brains. Anxious to enact their agendas, they dove into the pool without checking the water temperature first.

And now, as they face criticism from Speaker Pelosi, President Trump and many Americans, they’ve turned race, which they’d previously used to their advantage, into a weapon.

Democrats have something new to be appalled about this morning. Trump was discussing Omar with his supporters at last night’s North Carolina rally, which by the way was one of his best ever, and said, “She looks down with contempt on the hard-working Americans saying that ignorance is pervasive in many parts of this country.” The crowd began chanting “Send her back.”

So what. Omar hates America. The U.S. is flawed certainly, but it’s still the greatest nation on earth. In the words of Victor Davis Hanson, America does not have to be perfect to be good (despite what radical progressives tell us). So, had I been at the rally, I would have joined them.


The national attention paid to these four has reached epic proportions. It’s become surreal. There are 431 other reps in the House.

CNN’s Jake Tapper spoke to several House Democrats, most of whom are far less radical than the Squad. He said they wished to remain anonymous so they could be candid.

House Dem 1 told Tapper, “The president won this one. What the president has done is politically brilliant. Pelosi was trying to marginalize these folks and the president has now identified the entire party with them.”

Tapper said, “House Democrats are conflicted about having to defend the Squad given things they’ve said and done. House Dems cited: talk of supporting challengers to incumbent Dems in primaries, AOC’s use of the term “concentration camps,” anti-Semitic comments by Tlaib and Omar.”

Tapper said that several House Dems brought up a resolution introduced by Omar and Tlaib to “affirm the right of Americans to boycott, perceived as an expression of support for the anti-Israel BDS (boycott, divest, and sanction) movement that most House Dems oppose.”

House Dem 2 spoke of the House leadership’s willingness to water down what should have been a personal reprimand of Omar’s anti-Semitic comments in March, to the point where it became a meaningless, generic resolution to condemn bigotry. Not even Omar’s bigotry, but all bigotry. He said, “We couldn’t even bring ourselves to have a resolution exclusively condemning anti-Semitism uttered by one of those members” — Omar — “but we leapt to their defense here.”


House Dem 3 recalls that “less than 2 weeks ago when members of our caucus were trying to support funds for children at the border,” the Squad was arguing that “we’re pro-putting kids in cages, we’re against human rights. So there’s frustration…I can’t tell you the number of members who are angry and annoyed about them criticizing us…AOC gives her chief of staff license to get candidates to run against her colleagues and to go after them on social media. It makes people’s skin crawl.”

House Dem 4 told Tapper, “We were there for them; they should stop attacking us.”

The frustration and resentment from these Democrats is unmistakable and it has to go somewhere.

On Monday, Rush Limbaugh discussed Trump’s Sunday tweets and he insisted it was a deliberate move. Many, including me, were skeptical.

Yesterday, Rush ran a victory lap. He told listeners:

What in fact he was doing was telling the American people who these four are ’cause the media isn’t gonna do it. He’s insulting them and drawing them out, making them respond. Then they start attacking Pelosi. Pelosi and Biden are racists, according to them. Trump is a racist. Everybody’s a racist. All you have to do to be one is disagree with them.

So Trump succeeds in creating the face of the Democrat Party in the image of these four women, these four freshmen.


They’ve alienated their colleagues, as well as the majority of Americans. As the internal Democratic poll leaked to Axios last weekend indicated, these women aren’t popular to begin with. Nor is socialism. As voters learn more and more about them, their approval ratings will disintegrate entirely.


Not even the 2020 presidential candidates receive the amount of media attention these women do. Trump has  thrust them into the spotlight (even more than before) and will let them do his work for him. All they have to do is open up their mouths.


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