Highlight of "An Evening With the Clintons" Was a Heckler's Interruption

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, left, accompanied by her husband former President Bill Clinton, right, and her daughter Chelsea Clinton, center, speaks in New York, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, where she conceded her defeat to Republican Donald Trump after the hard-fought presidential election. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


New York Post reporter Maureen Callahan attended the kickoff (I know it actually “kicked off” in November to a sparse crowd in Toronto) of “An Evening With the Clintons” at NYC’s Beacon Theater on Thursday evening.

The event was billed as a “one-of-a-kind conversation with two individuals who have helped shape our world and had a front row seat to some of the most important moments in history…they provide a unique perspective on the past, and remarkable insight into where we go from here.”

Callahan paid $210 for a third row balcony seat. Referring to the event as a “snoozefest,” she said “Clinton lackey” Paul Begala was asking such penetrating questions as “How did it feel to watch the bin Laden raid?, What is happening to American politics? and How did you raise such an amazing daughter?” Sounds riveting.

Off-limits were the topics the audience would have liked to hear the Clintons discuss such as #Metoo, the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax, what to do with all of the illegal aliens streaming into our country daily and and any future plans to run for the presidency.

Of course, the big white elephant in the room was President Trump. Trump was mentioned only a handful of times and only in passing. This prompted a Huffington Post writer to title his story about the evening “Pretending Trump Never Happened.”


In the middle of the program, a man in the front row stood up and yelled, “Bill, this is boring. Why don’t you talk about”  (he was abruptly drowned out by Hillary.)

Callahan describes the scene:

Hillary immediately began talking over him, “I think it’s really important that when we talk about politics, we actually talk about the reality of politics. It’s also difficult sometimes to have those conversations when you have agent provocateurs.”

“Jeffrey Epstein!” shouted the man.

“Shut up,” a member of the audience shouted back.

The heckler was, of course, swiftly hauled away, and the conversation returned to Bill talking about the good old days when he was president.

According to Callahan, there were many empty seats in the theatre, never a good sign on opening night.

Still, it had to have been an improvement on their performance in Toronto last November when only 3,300 tickets were sold in a venue that can hold 19,800. I posted about that evening here,  Tickets were eventually being sold at bargain prices on Groupon. The day of that event, tickets were going for as little as $6.50.

The Huffington Post reported that a group of Haitians gathered outside to protest:

Protesters led a loud chant related to the Clintons’ supposed mishandling of funds after a devastating 2010 earthquake left the country in shambles. “Where is the money?” “What money?” “Haiti’s earthquake money!” “How much money?” “Six billion dollars!”


One of them, Dahoud André, 52, said the group had been protesting the Clintons since 2014.

“We don’t want the world to forget. The people who are coming here ― we want them to know,” he said.

All in all, this speaking tour was not one of the Clintons’ finest moments. Perhaps they felt that, because donations to the Clinton Foundation have dried up since her 2016 loss, this was a way to drum up a little extra cash.

Someone really ought to tell them that the party is over.


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