New Indications of Racism From SJW Professor: Maintaining Law and Order, Mowing Your Lawn, Timers

How could we have lived so long without realizing that by “keeping our lawns tidy,” using timers to indicate one’s time is up in a debate, or by following laws, we are demonstrating white supremacy?


Speaking before a group of University of Wisconsin students last month, this professor who refers to herself as an “educator” explains the connection between “white liberalism” and “white supremacy.”

White liberalism, she tells her audience, “means valuing law and order and protocol above the lives of people.” She sees “white liberalism embodied through the timer, the please finish up, the numbers, the sign-up process, the stage and the barriers. All of these signs suggest that the law and the decorum and the civility of this conversation is actually more important than what is being said.”

Is she suggesting that society simply dispense with law and order and rules and timers? I suppose if a small group of people lived in a remote area, it might work. But, does this “educator” care to tell us how 325 million American citizens could possibly survive in a society without law and order? Does she really believe her own words?

Another aspect of white liberalism is policing people’s tones of voice. The obsession with civility, refusing to hear black and brown people when they aren’t following white cultural norms of communication.

For young people speaking today to you, what they’re saying is a matter of life and death. I’m not sure what it means to you, but I imagine it’s a combination between a sense of duty, being able to put a line on a resume, feeling like someone needs to take charge, and feeling like you’re the best person for the job.

That’s actually where the connection lands between white liberalism and white supremacy because it’s by maintaining law and order and by maintaining civility by keeping your front lawn nice and tidy and by putting that ‘all are welcome in our communities’ sign on your front lawn, you are denying the fact that all the while you are with the other hand passing money to a deadly institution that polices with great disparity and causes tragic, tragic harm to the communities that are our neighbors and the communities that we actually should be building forward with.

So telling black and brown people to please wrap up suggests that their voices, their pain and their stories are less important than rules and that in and of itself is the place where white liberalism turns into white supremacy is because white supremacy is the accumulation of these aggressive messages that say ‘stay off the grass,’ ‘mow your lawn,’ ‘act respectable,’ ‘pull your pants up,’ right?

So, if I was to raise my voice and start using god forbid some swear words to you, I don’t believe that it would be received in quite the same way as it would be if a black or a brown youth were using those swear words so here’s what I have to say ‘fuck white liberalism and fuck white supremacy.’


Her last line was met with wild applause by the students, as college students will do when they hear almost anything profane?

However, that was the only line that was met by applause. Perhaps even college students found her description of what constitutes white supremacy to be things that are necessary if a society is to survive and to thrive.

She denounces stages and barriers. Consider a rock concert or any other similar type of performance without a stage or barrier. They would soon become a thing of the past.

Imagine the 2016 Republican primary debates, which initially included 17 candidates, without a moderator to remind participants that their two minutes were up. Some candidates would not have had a chance to speak at all. Perhaps she simply meant that only minority candidates such as Ben Carson, Bobby Jindal and even Carly Fiorina be given unlimited time to speak. How about Marco Rubio who is Cuban? Without equal time limits for all candidates, those debates would have devolved into brawls before too long.

I wonder too, if a black man broke into this woman’s home, would she call the police?

If this young woman truly believed in and lived according to her own words, she likely wouldn’t have risen to become a college professor. (Wait, that might have been a good thing.) If all of us lived according to the ideal she espouses, if we put aside law and order and civility, none of us would accomplish our goals. Our society would be similar to those depicted in post apocalyptic movies. The world, as we know it, could not survive under such circumstances. Modern life depends upon following the rules. This woman’s claim that the very guidelines that allow society to function make us all white supremacists is preposterous.


There was not one statement uttered by this young woman that was anything but rubbish. It’s sad that young people are exposed to professors who speak such nonsense. She’s joined so many of her colleagues in academia who have taken their liberalism so far that they’ve become irrational, and can no longer be taken seriously.

Tim Brown, editor of Freedom Outpost, summed it up best. “My guess is that she follows, for the most part, the very things she is berating.  So, what would that make her?  Yep, a white supremacist.”


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