Actress Tiffany Haddish: 'I’mma Wear Fur Every Day Until They (Police) Stop Killing Black People' and Other NYE Insanity From the Left

1. Actress Tiffany Haddish posted a video on Instagram announcing to her followers that she will wear fur every day until police stop killing black people.

I’mma wear it as much as possible. I don’t know if you guys know this about me, but I’m about to start protesting. I’mma wear fur every day until they stop killing black people. When the police stop killing black people, I’ll stop wearing fur. It’s my new protest. So sorry, PETA! Don’t be mad at me. Be mad at the police. When they stop killing black people, I’ll stop wearing fur… Because people are important, and so are the animals.


Call me stupid, but I don’t see the connection between the two. With few exceptions, officers are simply responding to their perception of what is taking place in front of them. Did Haddish ever stop to think that a greater percentage of blacks are killed because they commit more crimes proportionately than whites?

And is Haddish so self-absorbed as to believe a police officer will suddenly remember her disapproval the next time they are in pursuit of a criminal who happens to be black?


2. Okay, what was Chrissy Teigen thinking when she devoted a segment of NBC’s New Year’s Eve show to a discussion of “vaginal steaming?” Here is how one viewer responded to Teigen’s performance last night.


3. Next on the list is former “Saturday Night Live” comedian Jane Curtin who said, “My New Year’s resolution is to make sure that the Republican Party dies.” Nice.



4. Hillary Clinton opined that “in many ways, 2018 was a dark time for the country.” Actually Hillary, it wasn’t. Though I suppose, for Hillary, it was a dark time. She wasn’t the President. Any hopes of running in 2020 have been widely criticized by most Democrats. And ticket sales for her “Evening With The Clinton’s” tour have been downright humiliating.


5. Didn’t CNN’s Anderson Cooper learn anything from Don Lemon’s drunken New Year’s Eve performance two years ago, for which he was suspended by the network?

The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra reports that Cooper, already drunk, was taking shots of tequila on live TV. Then, he started talking to actress Faye Dunaway about his mother’s (Gloria Vanderbilt) sex life. Watch the video in Saavedra’s tweet below.



6. It is producer and activist Michael Moore’s greatest hope that, in the new year, he will see “as many members of the Trump family in orange jumpsuits as possible.” His full conversation with MSNBC host Chris Hayes illustrates how deluded the left has become.


Happy New Year Everyone!


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