UPDATE: As Elizabeth Warren Explained Her Claim Of Native American Heritage In Sunday’s Debate, She Told Two New Lies

This morning, I woke up in deep blue Massachusetts. Walking my dogs on the beach at 6 am, a 30-something woman jogged by wearing, you guessed it, a pink vagina hat. Next, an elderly woman strolled by wearing a pink scarf. In the parking lot, a man sat quietly in his hybrid vehicle reading a book. No surprise. This is, after all, Elizabeth Warren country.


Yesterday, I wrote about Sunday night’s senate debate between Warren and her opponent, State Rep. Geoff Diehl here. Specifically, I addressed the segment where Diehl was asked if he believes that Senator Warren’s Native American heritage impacts her ability to represent Massachusetts in Washington?

Diehl said:

…It’s about integrity in my mind and I don’t care whether or not you think you benefitted from that claim. It’s the fact that you tried to benefit from that claim that I think bothers a lot of people and it’s something that you have been unable to put to rest since the 2012 campaign…

Warren began her response by telling us that, since confidence in government is at an all time low, she wanted to provide transparency to rebuild trust in the government. Which was a ridiculous thing to say. But it was the remainder of her answer that was actually far more egregious, because she told two new lies, which if life were fair, she would one day have to answer for. Warren said:

I’m a kid who wanted to be a public school teacher and by the time I graduated from high school, we didn’t have the money for a college application much less for me to actually go to college. A lot of twists and turns in my story, but my big chance was a commuter college that cost $50 a semester and it opened a million doors for me. I am the daughter of someone who ended up as a janitor and I got to be a professor and a United States senator.

I was actually touched by that story. Although our politics are poles apart, I couldn’t help but be impressed by a young woman from a poor family who worked hard and became a professor at several top US law schools and later, a US senator. For the first time ever, I felt admiration for Elizabeth Warren.


She knew what it was like to struggle. Who could blame her for checking off a box on a college application to claim Native American heritage? Many people have told a lie or two to get ahead.

But the reality of the situation was soon pointed out to me by two RedState readers. The truth is that, when Warren was 16, she won a high school debate contest and was offered a full scholarship to George Washington University, which usually tops the list of the most expensive colleges in the country.

She studied there for two years and left to marry Jim Warren, her high school sweetheart. Her husband had been offered a job with IBM and the couple moved to Houston. Warren completed her undergraduate education at the University of Houston at the age of 21.

So much for Warren’s claim of not being able to afford a college application fee, much less the cost of a college education.

And so much for the “commuter college that cost $50 a semester that opened a million doors” for her.

Next, she didn’t “check the box” on a college application as a poor teenage girl desperate to escape the poverty of rural Oklahoma. She did so after she had completed law school when the claim of “minority status” would help her to gain tenure. According to the Boston Globe, the first documentation identifying Warren as a Native American came from Harvard Law School. “They began reporting a Native American female professor in federal statistics for the 1992-93 school year, the first year Warren worked at Harvard, as a visiting professor.” Warren would have been 43-years-old.


Yet the residents of Massachusetts are poised to pull the lever once again for Warren. How in the world they prefer Warren to Diehl is a mystery. Although Diehl is a Republican, he is a Massachusetts Republican, which means he leans to the left. He “registered to vote as a Democrat in 1996 and supported various Democratic politicians throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s before later registering as a Republican.”

The lady simply can’t help herself from lying. She does it with such ease. And these lies were unforced, unnecessary and premeditated. Warren knew this question would be raised during the debate. And she was ready with her answer.

For about three hours yesterday, I actually felt admiration for Elizabeth Warren. Now, I feel disgust.


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