RedState's WaterCooler! Tuesday, 7/11/2017 - Open Thread - "Abortion Provider" Ditches Oath to Get a Date, Climate Changes


Abortion Doc ditches Oath to get a date.

“Suddenly, dating an abortion provider can be cool, a way to proclaim one’s liberal street cred.”

(Abortion Provider?!)


Did you guys know that the new symbol for abortion advocates is a coat hanger? A COAT HANGER!! Yeah, I know, Gross! And so many other words I can’t say here.  So one melancholy young doc feeling lonely because she can’t get a guy, decides to etch for eternity a tattoo on her forearm of a coat hanger emblazoned with the words, “Never Again.”

“Embracing the symbol of the coat hanger meant also accepting myself as a symbol, which I had always resisted. But as I shed the stigma of being an abortion provider, I felt free. I was tired of playing games, and for the first time in my life, I was ready for someone to love me because I provide abortions, not in spite of it. With that tattoo, I made some other changes: No more batting my eyelashes on dates, feigning innocence or acting apologetic about who I am. No more waiting the requisite three days to call back, or counting down three dates to have sex if I wanted to.” *emphasis mine

The author goes on about an Alaskan fisherman on shore break finding her professional specialty “hot” and a biomedical engineer “bursting out laughing” at her tattoo. But, despite her consoling diatribe, she is alone.

 “Whatever happens, I will no longer be silent or fearful when a new love interest — or anyone — makes me feel exposed and vulnerable. As my tattoo says: Never again.”

To this woman, the widespread disdain from her dates is tragic; to me, it is a sign of success. Regardless of liberal spin, ending a womb-bound infant’s life will always be repugnant to anyone with a pulse.



The Scientists over at the Climate Change Department have found a way to rationalize cold weather.

The new study, just out Monday in the journal Nature Geoscience by a team of researchers from South Korea, China and the United States, finds that warmer-than-usual springtime temperatures in the Arctic Ocean are followed by colder-than-usual temperatures across much of North America, as well as a reduction in precipitation in some parts of the southern United States.

Wait. What?

For now, all of these effects seem to be temporary, limited to the years when the Arctic experiences unusually warm conditions.

Ok. So what these scientists mean to say is that climate changes. That’s what I thought.

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