RedState's WaterCooler! Wednesday, 5/31/2017 - Open Thread - Help Wanted. Inquire Below.


Help Wanted. Inquire Below.

Hello, RedStaters! Welcome to the Company WaterCooler. It’s RedState’s only Daily open thread!

Our WaterCooler needs another writer. To be clear noone is leaving;  it’s just that a 7th would be helpful. So, if you choose to accept, your mission is simple. Once a week you’ll choose a couple of topics or three or four, synopsize what you’ve read and Wah Lah you’ve got yourself a WaterCooler. Along the way, we’ve had a sport-centric ‘Cooler, a Guns ‘n Ammo buff, and a really cool positive thinker ‘Cooler. Check out a few current WaterCoolers by searching the archives.


I won’t lie to you, it’s a couple hours dedication, but … but! your once-a-week WaterCooler will be rewarded with a Promotion. Front Page, baby! That’s right! Front page alongside the other Star RedState writers like Streiff, Susan Wright and Jay Caruso! Sound like fun? It is! If interested, say so in the comments below.


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