RedState's WaterCooler! Tuesday, 5/9/2017 - Open Thread - National Pet Week, etc...


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National Pet Week

Tuesday, 9 May  –  Thursday, 11 May

Tuesday, 9 May

  • 1000 – A vote is expected by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to induct Iowa Governor Terry Brandstad as the next U.S. Ambassador to China. If all goes as planned, a vote from the full Senate will confirm Brandstad early next week. First up for the new Ambassador will be denying China any future success taking things that don’t belong to them – specifically IP. Colorado Senator Cory Gardner stated last week, “10 percent of China’s annual [economic] growth is based on the theft of intellectual property.” That’s a staggering claim if you think about it.
    • 2017 Special 301 Report – “The Report identifies foreign trading partners where IP protection and enforcement has deteriorated or remained at unacceptable levels and where market access for Americans who rely on IP protection has been unfairly compromised.” China tops the Report’s Priority Watch List.

Wednesday, 10 May

Thursday, 11 May

“According to Ambassador Nofal, the two leaders plan to discuss the results of the League of Arab States’ summit in Amman, with special attention paid to the PA issues and its ‘struggle against terrorism,’ as well as the Abbas meeting with US President Donald Trump in Washington.” – Jewish Press, 4 May 2017


Apologies, RedStaters, for the abrupt WaterCooler. However, it’s still RedState’s only Daily open thread. Enjoy!

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