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The First Lady’s behemoth event test – The WH Egg Roll.

Despite the Trump Administration’s (all eyes on you, Melania) lack of preparation, and after much prodding by event planners, the Big Tadoo will begin at 7:30 am on the South Lawn Easter Monday until 6:45 pm. Or as the White House’s official countdown site notes, “April 17th will be a long busy day”.  Wow. Tone down the enthusiasm.


The 139th White House Easter Egg Roll will be attended by 20,000 Moms, Dads, and their boys and girls in their Easter best for music, reading and egg rolling. Most of the guests, as in past years, have been picked by a lottery. Traditionally most of the tickets are distributed to local schools and to military families, but as of three days ago, not a peep from Melania.

Washington-area public schools normally are given blocks of as many as 4,000 tickets so local children can attend, but they had yet to hear from the White House as of yesterday. The same goes for military families. Groups who represent them said that they previously accounted for at least 3,000 of the guests in attendance, but also said they had yet to be contacted.

Honestly, I’m having trouble picturing billionaire Donald J. Trump, hugging the Easter Bunny (purportedly a repeat performance for Sean Spicer) as W did from Easter’s past, mingling with the common folk or Melania kicking back dancing with the common folk’s kids. Pictures. I want pictures.

As for music at this shindig, it’s looking a little sparse; no surprise as he did run as a Republican. However, a little effort would be good.

Musical artists will perform on the South Lawn music stage throughout the day. Guests include the Martin Family Circus. Stay tuned for updates on additional performers.

Umm, Tick Tock, Melania! The WH official egg rolling clock is counting down and all ya’ got is the Martin Family Circus?

I hope the “fun event” is more exciting than the lackluster online invitation alludes.


This year’s event will feature a music stage, reading nook, egg roll, a Sesame Street costumed character, and other fun events.

Hold the phone! First, “a” Sesame Street costumed character? One. Character. Secondly, Sesame Street? As in PBS Sesame Street? Ahh, sweet, sweet irony.

Curious George and Elmo were similarly left in the dark until late last month, when the White House finally reached out to see if PBS Kids could provide costumed characters—just four days before they made the call the Trump administration proposed ending all funding for PBS and The Sesame Street program. Typically, the grounds are crowded with mingling cast members from the popular children’s show. This year, one character will attend as a representative.

The press is skewering the Administration over this, unsurprisingly. I have no proof, but I suppose nearly all first-year First Ladies’ not yet versed in White House traditions are ill-prepared, however…

Note to Melania: Fair warning. Christmas is kind of a big deal here in America. White House preparation starts now and will require your presence and participation. Don’t frack it up.

History of White House Easter Egg Roll

Event Calendar

Friday, 14 April to Tuesday, 18 April

  • Thursday, 13 April
    • President Trump arrives at his Mar-a-Lago estate. He will return to the District Easter Sunday.
  • Friday, 14 April
    • Good Friday. RedState’s The Strident Conservative, It’s only Friday – Sunday’s Comin’
    • On Good Friday at 10:15 pm (1865) Confederate sympathizer John Wilkes Booth mortally wounds President Abraham Lincoln while he and the First Lady enjoy a rare night out.
    • Around 10:30 pm Lincoln’s Secretary of State William Seward is brutally stabbed by Lewis Powell. Seward would survive the conspirator’s attack, as would his two sons, his daughter, and four others in the home at the time.
  • Saturday 15 April
  • Sunday, 16 April
    • Easter Sunday. John 3:16  For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that he who believe in Him shall not die, but have eternal life.
  • Monday, 17 April
    • Two years ago today my boxer, Lincoln, passed away from splenic cancer. He was 9 years and 2 months old and my best friend. I miss him every day.
    • White House Easter Egg Roll
  • Tuesday, 18 April
    • Book Release – Locking Up our Own, by James Forman, Jr.   Google books:”In recent years, America’s criminal justice system has become the subject of an increasingly urgent debate. Critics have assailed the rise of mass incarceration, emphasizing its disproportionate impact on people of color. As James Forman, Jr., points out, however, the war on crime that began in the 1970s was supported by many African American leaders in the nation’s urban centers. In Locking Up Our Own, he seeks to understand why.”


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