@RedState's WaterCooler! Tuesday, 2/21/2017 - Open Thread - Which Conservative Woman Could You Vote for as President in 2020?

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WomenCount.com announces their “Dream Team” for 2020.

And by “women,” don’t be confused, they don’t mean you. Forgive me my snowflake moment here, but is anyone else offended by their crystal clear interpretation of “women”?

The website was developed as a crowdfunding platform for Democrat female candidates to pair with donors based on areas of interest called Slates. Slates are collated into categories. A couple of areas of interest are “Reproductive Rights” and “Gun Sense.” I’m all for the right to reproduce, and I think owning a gun makes perfect sense, so I fail to see where they conclude Conservative women aren’t women who count. It’s a conundrum.

In case you might think these ladies aren’t serious about their project, they’re totally transparent about their goal.

“Crowdfunding for Women in Politics.

A smarter, simpler way to elect more Democratic women. Give to candidates who reflect your values – or just seem cool. Because 19% of Congress and 95th in the world is not good enough.”

“Reflect your values – or just seem cool.” Now that’s a slogan! Where’s Hillary?!

Onward to “Dream Team 2020.” The top five Democrat women who, I don’t know, seem the coolest (?) to the site’s supporters are named below. Adjacent to the Liberal ladies name are her achievement(s), and I assume the reason the WomenCount team believes they have the right stuff to be our next president. I assume because apart from these women being women and Democrat there is nothing that distinguishes them.

  1. Democrat, Senior Senator from Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar. “Amy’s senior thesis at Yale was published as a book and has been taught in college courses.”
  2. Democrat, Junior Senator from California, Kamala Harris. “Kamala is the first female, first African-American, and first Asian-American California Attorney General.”
  3. Democrat, Senior Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren. “In high school, Warren was known as ‘Oklahoma’s top high school debater’ and won a debate scholarship to George Washington University.”
  4. Democrat, Junior Senator from Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin. “Tammy was the first openly gay senator.”
  5. Democrat, Junior Senator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand. “Kirsten studied abroad in China and Taiwan and once spent a month in India on a fellowship.”


Calendar Supplement

  • Friday, 24 February: John Kasich – Ohio Governor, vocal Trump detractor – has a tentative appointment with the White House according to advisers for both men. Will there be a truce between the formerly irreconcilable rivals?  Just this past weekend Kasich toured “the shows” dumping on the President’s media trashing.  So, could it be an olive branch from the President or rebuke?

Hey, RedStaters! Welcome to the ‘Cooler. It’s RedState’s only Daily open thread. Let’s pretend for a moment that Conservative women count? Which Conservative woman would reflect your ideal pick as our 2020 (or 2024) candidate for President? Drop her name in the comments below.

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