RedState's WaterCooler! Friday, 2/17/2017 - Open Thread - DJT Flashback '16: POTUS & Rallies & AF1; "Not my President's Day"

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February 17 – 23, 2017

  • February 20 – 24: Senate and House takes a nap recess.
  • February 18 @ 5 pm: Reality star and Presidential hopeful Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally in Florida Saturday. Wait! What? Didn’t he win bigly?

Trump appears to be rallying his minions for a quick ego fix before moving on to his next 26 days. His pre-election Yuge crowds claims are not, I can imagine, impressing some of the senior members of the hush-hush Global Leaders Club. He needs new stats and photos, real pictures, too, not that Fake News crap his National Park Service tweets out!

“White House press secretary Sean Spicer said on Wednesday the event was a campaign rally and directed questions about it to ‘the campaign.’ “

Oops! Who pays? Indeed.

  • February 19 @ 8 pm: NBA All-Star Game. Recall the NBA relocated the East meets West exhibition matchup from Charlotte, NC to the Big Easy as punishment for North Carolina’s “bathroom law.”

    “As for Sunday’s All-Star Game, the cheapest ticket is $180 — a 75% decrease from last year ($723 three days before event) and a 48% decrease from 2014 ($346).

    Why the dip in prices?

    All-Star Weekend was originally supposed to take place in Charlotte, N.C., but was moved in July because of North Carolina’s controversial anti-LGBT law, House Bill 2. The NBA announced the move to New Orleans in August — the third time in 10 years that the city has been selected to host the league’s annual midseason celebration.” – TicketIQ

  • February 19 @ 3:10 pm: Daytona 500 front row qualifying round setting up for its 59th annual running next Sunday, 26 February.
  • February 20: Donald Trump’s Liberal enablers are hosting a nationwide event from “Baltimore to Seattle” to celebrate Presidents Day renamed for 2017, “Not My President’s Day.” Clever.

“BAD AND NASTY (aka Bad Hombres and Nasty Women) is a loose knit coalition of artists and activists from the U.S. and beyond who are tired of waking up every morning since Election Day 2016 feeling angry, scared, and sad.” – Huffington Post

  • February 21: Supreme Court to hear two oral arguments:

Hernandez v. Mesa – The eight Justices of the Supreme Court will hear argument regarding a cross-border shooting involving a US border agent (Jesus Mesa) on US soil killing a Mexican national (Jesus Hernandez) in a US-controlled buffer zone (although legally Mexican soil; think Guantanamo). The question to the court is, under the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution is the teen covered against unjustified death. It’s more complex than this, but it is an interesting case specifically because of our current strained relations with Mexico. The argument preview is worth reading.

McLane Company v. EEOC – Specific to an EEOC subpoena for omitted information, the question to the Supreme Court is should the Ninth District Court of Appeals review an EEOC subpoena request de novo (as if first hearing) or defer to lower court decision.


Hey, RedStaters! Welcome back to the WaterCooler. It’s RedState’s only Daily open thread. Supreme Court. Sports. Reality Stars. What goings on next week did I miss on my calendar?



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