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Government Shutdown: Is it that time of the year again?

Congress is not set to pass a budget by October 1st. Instead, they will decide on a continuing resolution (CR) which is, in essence, a kick-the-can-down-the-primrose-path appropriations bill.


Since 2001 only four times has October 1st set eyes on a funded federal government. Since President Obama said “I do solemnly swear that I will ( … ) defend the Constitution of the United States,” our ideologically divided Congress passed a budget only once: 2012.

What’s the hold-up? The “Water Resources Development Act.”

The Senate version of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) approved earlier this month includes $220 million to address water infrastructure improvements in Flint. But the House measure does not have Flint aid provisions, meaning the two chambers would have to resolve the issue in conference committee negotiations.

Speaker Ryan is suggesting the bill be considered separately, in part, because the WRDA is not a simple $220 million bill focused on funding Flint.

The [House] chamber this week is slated to consider the $5 billion Water Resources Development Act (WRDA), which authorizes dozens of water-related infrastructure projects around the country.

The bill is also authorizing a boat load of pork this go-round from both sides of the aisle. There is nothing wrong with asking for the world, as long as the one asking understands not every item on their wish list will be granted.

To follow-up on a previous WaterCooler, “GOP leadership also dropped a push by Sen. Ted Cruz to block the administration from transferring management of the Internet to an international body.” A huge hit to our individual freedom.


Quick Hits

  • Yahoo isn’t the only brand to dismiss their online customers by not reporting and repairing a major hack. The Trump Hotel Collection’s computer network was hacked, and 70,000 customers’ credit card numbers were stolen. Trump’s clients were not told about the hack until three months after the chain was alerted by the FBI. The rub is, nothing was done to secure the servers so of course their computer system was hacked a second time. And, for a second time, Trump Hotel Collection did not alert their customer’s to the breach. The settlement reached demands Trump Hotel Collection pay $50,000 and fix the hole.
  • Have you ever wondered if any possible good could come from sitting in miles’ long traffic? Wonder no more. Apparently, our cars and trucks create a certain amount of energy while we creep along bumper to bumper and that energy can translate into electricity. A new renewable energy source is the dream of the California Energy Commission. It sounds great; using taxpayer misery to electrify the state! As happens, a LOT, in California it may end up being a bridge to nowhere. The same project failed in Israel, Italy, and Japan.
  • Russia is beefing up its military, preparing for a major ground war prioritizing the “strategic southwest direction.” The recent so-called “KavKaz 2016” military exercises recalled 120,000 troops and practiced with 100-200 aircraft flying simultaneously. The Russian Finance Minister is balking at spending more on the military when he has proposed a 6% cut and raising taxes. Putin is clearly feeling emboldened by his push to take the title of “Super Power” from the US, but whether Russia can afford that war is the question.
  • Kim Jong-un has his panties in a wad, again, threatening the US with nuclear war. At the UN Assembly, Ri Jong Ho, North Korea’s foreign minister, said “the Korean Peninsula ‘has now been turned into the world’s most dangerous hotspot which can ignite the outbreak of a nuclear war.'” It seems the US flew a supersonic B-1B bomber over South Korea last week, and Kim is demanding his “safe space” be respected. The US denies flying anywhere near the North/South dividing line. “The United States will have to face tremendous consequences beyond imagination.”

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