WaterCooler, Tuesday! 8/9/2016 - Open Thread - Phelps as Darth Maul, New/Old McCain Audio File, Vlad & Tay

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Must-See TV: Tuesday Night Olympic Brawl

Friendly rivalry between competitors went hostile last night in a Rio pool before and during the men’s semi-final 200 metre butterfly.


At the London Olympics in 2012, Michael Phelps’ attitude bested him and he lost the 200 metre butterfly to Chad le Clos (South Africa) by 5/100th’s of a second. This year le Clos seems to figuratively and literally have a bug up his arse (VIDEO).

Watching le Clos box the air, adjust himself, and flutter his muscles about in front of Phelps, was history making tv. Seemingly the rivalry from London translates just fine into Portuguese.

Outside the ready room, le Clos would not back down. He stared Phelps up and down, side to side and until they upped themselves onto the block. Even in the pool, le Clos could not stop rubbernecking. Fortunately for Team USA, when le Clos looked up for his last breath, he got a good look at Phelps backside.

Tonight promises to be a pure epic guts and glory on big screen HD.

Like a Moth to a Flame.

Phoenix News Times picked up a story centered around an alleged propaganda audio recording of John McCain confessing his war crimes and praising his captors for their humane treatment.

The audio was unearthed by an independent journalist who released it to the conspiracy-minded audience of Rick Wiles, an end of days truth teller, TruNews.com radio host and ginormous Trumps.

The journalist, Charles Johnson, claims to have found the recording in the National Archives after it had been misfiled and, in the interest of truth and the American Way, Johnson and Wiles feel we need to know.


Know what? We know John McCain was a POW. We know POWs are forced to do a lot of shite and propaganda for the enemy’s cause is not “shocking” news.

Although, given Trump’s most-recent reboot effort, it would be fun to be a mosquito on Trump’s proverbial wall when this piece of cheese is dangled in front of him. Because of the Shush! order by his handlers, he’ll be told not to tweet one negative character about John McCain’s character. After all, Trump just endorsed McCain for reelection to his senate seat.

Russia hearts Turkey. Tay Turns Turks.

As Vlad Putin and Tayyip Erdogan meet for some mano o mano time, the plot thickens.

The visit is being closely watched in the West, where some fear both men, powerful leaders ill-disposed to dissent, might use their rapprochement to exert pressure on Washington and the European Union and stir tensions within NATO, the military alliance of which Turkey is a member. – Reuters, 9 August 2016

The Turks aren’t so happy with the US housing the man many believe to be the architect of the uprising last month.

There is a serious anti-American feeling in Turkey, and this is turning into hatred,” Bekir Bozdag (Turkey’s Justice Minister) said in an interview with state-run Anadolu Agency, broadcast live on Turkish television channels. “It is in the hands of the United States to stop this anti-American feeling leading to hatred.”


(Not so) Sensibly, Erdogan’s response is to round up all the alleged dissenters.

Turkey has launched a series of mass purges of suspected Gulen supporters in its armed forces, other state institutions, universities, schools and the media, prompting Western worries for the stability of the NATO ally.

According to the Financial Times, Erdogan’s pressing other countries to hand over Gulen sympathizers,

The diplomatic offensive is forcing nations to choose between their relations with Ankara and often popular local schools and hospitals, in a move that analysts warn could damage Turkey’s international ties and image.

Turkey’s president is straddling a very pointy fence.

On Sunday (July 31), Mr Erdogan also announced sweeping changes to the military with a decree that grants the president and the prime minister the power to issue direct orders to the armed forces.

Where next, Putin? Mano o mano with Jong-Un? What are you up to, little man?


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