WaterCooler, Saturday! 8/6/2016 - Open Thread - Trump's Taxes Targeted, Idgets!, "Alt-Right?"

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Wikileaks Targets Trumps Tax Returns

Last night, Bill Maher hosted Julian Assange on “Real Time” via satellite. After a bit of banter Maher asked, in essence, one insular question: why would WikiLeaks “f*** with the one person who stands in the way of us being ruled by Donald Trump?”  VIDEO Excellent question, Maher!


After a lengthy defense of his publishing the DNC emails, the WikiLeaks founder gave multiple excuses but was light on reason. As I read it, Assange’s first facetious response is by far the most accurate, “It was great fun!”

Maher’s follow-on question was implied in the first, “Why don’t you hack into Donald Trump’s tax returns?”

“Well, we’re working on it,” Assange replied. Was that a wink and a nod?

Back off, Trumps!

These people are total idgets! The Washington Post campaign news out of Wisconsin isn’t about policy, it’s about intimidation and Trump fever. No really. It’s like the fever from zombie novels. It’s ugly, ravenous and contagious.

“It’s a weird time,” said William J. Bennett, a Ryan confidant for decades. “He’s doing everything he can to be Paul Ryan, the guy from Janesville who goes to the county fairs and who used to drive around the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. But it gets nasty when they don’t leave the house, the wife and kids alone.”

Paul Ryan’s home state and front lawn have been invaded by Trumps. Not just local Trumps like Ryan’s opponent for his House seat, Paul Nehlen, but Alaskan Trumps and Beltway Trumps. Apparently Trump’s groupies didn’t get the “I’m with Paul” memo he sent out Friday.


As the national GOP rushes to protect Ryan from the wrath of Trump, stars from the conservative counter-establishment — former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, columnist Michelle Malkin, and author Phyllis Schlafly, among others — have continued to stoke the fury here, with the faint and fading hope that Nehlen could close the gap in the final days and score an upset similar to the one in 2014 that toppled then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.).

On Saturday, firebrand commentator Ann Coulter crisscrossed the sprawling southeastern Wisconsin district with Ryan’s rival.

Like Obama did when Scott Walker ran for Governor for the third time, Trump has sent surrogates to support Nehlen.

Politico has reported that a handful of former Trump campaign staffers have traveled to Wisconsin to volunteer.

Right back atcha!

GOP leaders have flocked to Ryan’s side as he dealt with Trump’s lingering spite. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Sen. Ron Johnson (R) did not attend Trump’s Friday rally.

All sarcasm aside, regardless of your feelings about Paul Ryan, when his children and wife are fearful to leave the house because the Democratic Republican opponent for his seat is acting as reckless and unstable as Trump, it’s no longer politics, it’s frightening. These people do NOT know how to stop.


Alt-Right? What the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks is that?

Ignorant is ignorant regardless of the sticky note stuck to its forehead.

Alternative-Right, from what i’ve read, was bred by Donald Trump’s campaign for president. Never heard of it. Probably because it should be no more than a plan vanilla mosquito to swat or spray ’til it dies a horrible death. What it should not be allowed to do is morph into Zika. Paul Nehlen is whipping up the Zikas and calling them Alt-Right and Ryan is taking the brunt.

Paul Ryan was interviewed Friday morning by talk-radio Jay Weber (radio host). Here’s an article from HotAir.com about the Wisconsin race and the infestation of “Alt-right.”

Paul Ryan: They are not pushing, conservatism, they call this ‘alt-conservatism’ – I don’t even know what this is  …  have you heard of this alt-conservatism?

Jay Weber: I have, and it’s just goofy and it’s tied into oftentimes like white supremacists groups and fringe groups. It’s really a nasty virulent strain of something – it’s not conservatism.

Paul Ryan: That’s right. It’s a nasty virulent strain of something. I don’t know what it is other than it isn’t us, it isn’t what we believe in. And, it’s not what the constitution says, and it’s not what conservatives, particularly Wisconsin conservatives believe in.


At least, wikipedia calls it “an alternative to mainstream conservatism.” Baby steps.

Thank God, for the WaterCooler! It’s RedStates only daily Open Thread! Carry on, RedStaters! Weigh in. Have a go. Your turn. Enjoy!



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