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FDA Hates Ice Cream Makers

FDA Nutrition Facts label Infographic

The FDA believes obesity and heart disease are caused by small print and an outdated serving size stamped on our packaged food. To Make America Skinny Again, the FDA “unveiled” a redesigned Nutrition Facts label to re-brand our Cherry Garcia and Doritos by July 2018.


Instead of losing those extra pounds to get back into our skinny jeans, our enabler/government thinks the appropriate reaction is, “to heck with it” and buy a pair of stretchy pants.

“What and how much people eat and drink has changed since the last serving size requirements were published in 1993. By law, the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act requires that serving sizes be based on what people actually eat.”  ~ FDA.gov

Don’t fret the timeline,

“The FDA plans to conduct outreach and education efforts on the new requirements.”


Definition of Political Conservatism According to dictionary.com

definition of   reaction   (dictionary.com)

2.  movement in the direction of political conservatism or extreme rightism.

synonymns  for   reaction   (thesaurus.com)

noun, political conservativism
-backlash  -backsliding  -counterrevolution -obscurantism -regression -relapse -retreat -retrenchment -retrogression -right -withdrawal -right wing -status quo -Toryism

Definition of reaction by Merriam-Webster.com

1.  a : the act or process or an instance of reacting
b : resistance or opposition to a force, influence, or movement; especially : tendency toward a former and usually outmoded political or social order or policy.


I have to tell ya’, as a conservative, I’m a teeny bit offended. Merriam-Webster didn’t thrash conservatism to define a generally innocuous medium-sized, 7 letter word. No wonder Conservatism gets booed and down-thumbed. We have verifiable proof! We really are misunderstood!

A little googling of IAC, the company that owns dictionary.com, and billionaire Barry Diller popped up: former CEO of Fox Broadcasting Network, NY billionaire, “Trump’s evil” fame, Hillary Clinton donor and owner of dictionary.com. Tsk! Tsk!

Business School Opens Inside Trump Tower Manhattan

Kris Jenner (Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner’s ex) premieres a new venture, Legacy Business School.  Legacy will occupy space inside Trump Tower, New York on Fifth Avenue and formally open in September.

Legacy’s impressive website promises a lot of “exclusivity,” “dining and shopping options,” and “spas,” with a smattering of “education,” “certificate programs,” “achievement.”

“LEGACY is the most exclusive, private business school in the US. With exclusivity come unique opportunities to intern at prime companies offered only to students at LEGACY…”

“LEGACY’s new approach to education reflects the growing needs of society’s elite class and adopts the new paradigm of knowledge and skills that are necessary to attain real success in today’s world.”


Smells a bit like Trump University, yes?

“LEGACY’s faculty is made up of renowned bankers, financiers, and entrepreneurs, selected for their years of invaluable real-world experience.”

P.S. Legacy’s application exclusivity seems to extends to only male or female. Transgenders need not apply.

Happy Saturday, RedState! Open Thread. No exclusivity here.



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