Watercooler 4/13 Open Thread - Of Conservative Alternatives, BS Flags and Troubled Turtles

#NeverTrumpNeverKasichwatercoolerWelcome back to another installment of the Watercooler, RedState’s daily Open Thread! Today, we’ve got…


Alternatives to Leftist Activist or Trumpstapo Firms

Of late, many people have been turning up their boycotts on Enemies of the Cause–our own JD Rucker got fed up with Drudge and just launched competitor SocialNewsWatch, and some sources have recommended recent startup ProPay as an alternate to PayPal. (ProPay supports the Salvation Army, but won’t allow their services to pay for firearms, so be warned.) For researching conservative alternatives, 2nd Vote is a website worth checking out, and I wholeheartedly recommend their three apps (2nd Vote,  2nd Vote Shopper and 2nd Vote Second Amendment). Audience Participation request: what are your favorite conservative-activist apps, folks?


About That Guy Who Burned His Voter Registration…

You all remember the Trumpkin headlined on Drudge for torching his registration? Well, seems the folks who threw the B.S. Flag on the play were right. Seems Larry Lindsey failed to do his homework, skipped the County convention he WAS a delegate for–which by the way candidate Patrick Neville specifically reminded him about and asked for his support at.


A Heartwarming Story

Just read this little tale yesterday from a board-mate at gun-forum Northwest Firearms, and found it worth sharing–the lengths some of us will go to for a critter in distress. In “ditchtiger’s” own words:

Saved a life, got my a*$ kicked

Came home muddy, bloody, and smelled a little ruff. Not really a bad story, just did not end as I wanted.
Driving home after work and I see what looks like a small flat football on the side of the highway. Had to go see what it was so I went back and saw a pond turtle, 6″x”8 shell, alive. Turtles will travel but there are no waterways or ponds nearby and his plates on his shell are dry and curling up at the edges. I put it in the back of my truck to release it in a pond/creek near my home. Getting there I find briers and all other nasty thinks along the bank. Did not want to fling it out into the pond like a frisbee I spy a bit of clearing down a steep slope to a mud incline. I’m wearing hiking boots so I figure I can do it. Got down the slope OK and that’s when things went to hell. One step on the mud and my footing was gone. Did a fast dance trying to recover and spun a 360 then went down on my right elbow and back, legs half in the pond. Of course my elbow found the only rock on a mud bank and gouged me open rather deep. As I’m down and out I find I can not get up, Had pulled a tendon in my left shoulder the day before and now my right arm does not feel good at all. Then I find I’m still holding the turtle. I’m sure it does not want a ride like that again. So I rolled over to my chest and place it at the pond edge and force myself up. Clawed my way back up and watched the turtle come out of its shell and get while the gettin’s good.
Heck of a way to end a day. But for the part I had explain all this to my wife.
Time for a beer and a shower then more beer.

Good on ya, amigo–helps show the world another side of us Gun People.


This Week In History

  • Sunday, Apr. 10: Second Bank of the United States authorized, 1814; Lee gives final address to Army of Northern Virginia, 1865; loss of USS Thresher, 1963
  • Monday, Apr. 11: American forces liberate Buchenwald, 1945; MacArthur sacked, 1951; Civil Rights Act, 1968; Miami Massacre, 1986
  • Tuesday, Apr. 12: Civil War begins, 1861; Great Locomotive Chase, 1862; Ninth Army crosses the Elbe and closes to 50 miles from Berlin, 1945; Salk vaccine approved, 1955
  • Wednesday, Apr. 13: Falls of Ft. Sumter, 1861, and Raleigh, 1865; J. C. Penney opens first store, 1902; Jefferson Memorial dedicated, 1943; “Houston, we have a problem!,” 1970
  • Thursday, Apr. 14: Webster copyrights dictionary, 1828; first Pony Express rider hits San Francisco, 1860; Lincoln shot, 1865; Titanic hits iceberg, 1912; Reagan orders strikes on Libya, 1986
  • Friday, Apr. 15: Preliminary articles of peace for Revolutionary War, 1783; General Electric formed, 1892; B-52 first flies, 1952; McDonald’s founded, 1955; first Mustang sold, 1964
  • Saturday,  Apr.16: Rush-Bagot treaty ratified to set US/Canada border, 1818; Porter’s fleet runs gauntlet in Vicksburg, 1863; Cronkite takes over CBS Evening News, 1962

Today’s Birthdays: Politicians Thomas Jefferson, 1743 and Ben Nighthorse Campbell, 1933; businessman F. W. Woolworth, 1852; Butch Cassidy, 1866; actors Don Adams, 1923 *whistling Get Smart theme* and Paul Sorvino, 1939; author Jack Chick, 1924 (this one’s for you, Streiff!)

This Week In History is compiled with assistance from History.com and Wikipedia. Something interesting not listed here? Please share in the Comments section–this is an Audience Participation Encouraged featurette.

Quote of the Day

In recognition of Tax Day this Friday… Call your CPA’s and get ’em filed, folks, I don’t wanna read about any of you being made examples of by Totenkopf-IRS!

“I want to discover a voracious, small-minded predator and name it after the IRS.”–noted paleontologist Dr. Robert T. Bakker


As always, the Watercooler is an Open Thread. Something on your mind? Sound Off here! Most of the big stories have already been covered before I hit keyboard this AM, so it’s y’all’s turn to bring something to the potluck…



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