Surprise Surprise, Kevin McCarthy Backs Amnesty

We have a president who has tied the hands of our border agents, granted administrative amnesty, encouraged a new flow of illegal immigration, and is now demanding comprehensive amnesty, citizenship, and benefits for all illegal immigrants.  Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the third-ranking Republican in the House, is responding to the President with overwhelming force.  Watch out, Obama:


The third-ranking House Republican, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), said he backs granting legal status, but not a new pathway to citizenship, to millions of immigrants in the U.S. illegally.

McCarthy stated his personal view on the contentious issue in an interview with KBAK/KBFX Eyewitness News in his hometown of Bakersfield, Calif. He signaled that the call for a provisional legal status would be included in the immigration reform principles House Republican leaders are soon to release.

“The principles aren’t written yet, but in my personal belief, I think it’ll go with legal status that will allow you to work and pay taxes,” McCarthy said. [The Hill]

Couple this with the news that the Chamber has already spent close to $50 million lobbying for amnesty, and you will realize that the fix is in.  All of the top House Republicans – Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy, and Ryan – along with the largest establishment lobbying empire, plan to push amnesty even with Obama in the White House.


Let this seep in for a few minutes.  The entire force of the GOP establishment is being applied towards Obama’s most cherished agenda item for his second term, not towards fighting Obamacare and the debt ceiling.  While Americans are concerned about out-of-control government, Obamacare, debt, and jobs, these clowns are concerned about illegal immigrants, foreign lobbies, and special interests.

If we fail to A) have a strong showing in the primaries and B) replace House leadership next year, the two parties will be indistinguishable.  And we will have ourselves to blame.


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