Ron DeSantis for Congress in FL-6

Editor’s note: Here is my latest endorsement on behalf of The Madison Project

Florida has been shaken up by redistricting more than most states, leaving behind a number of open and newly drawn districts.  While the state sports a large Republican delegation of 19, only a few of them are conservative.  This year provides us with an opportunity to invigorate the delegation with some bold-colored conservatives.  The new conservative 6th district, which covers the northeast coast between Jacksonville and Daytona Beach, may deliver us the boldest color of all – Ron DeSantis.


DeSantis is truly one of the superstars of the 2012 election cycle.  He articulates every conservative policy issue in such an intellectually cogent manner that he leaves no doubt as to how he will vote in Washington.  His understanding of our nation’s founders, Constitution, and history is so deep and comprehensive that none of the contemporary squishes would impress or intimidate him into violating our nation’s deep rooted principles of limited government and free markets.

At just 33, DeSantis has accomplished more and has exhibited a deeper intellect than most people twice his age.  He has the unique distinction of holding degrees from Yale and Harvard Law, while also regarding our contemporary federal leviathan with disdain.  His experience at these universities actually strengthened his resolve to fight against the prevailing philosophy at these schools – a philosophy that he considers to be “hostile to religious faith, unreasonably critical of America, and antagonistic to the free enterprise system.”

After graduation, DeSantis joined the Navy and served in the JAG Corps as an advisor to Navy Seals.  He dealt with Guantanamo Bay detainees and understands the dangers of granting Al Qaeda terrorists Miranda rights.  DeSantis knows the difference between civil liberties and terrorist liberties – a distinction that is all too often muddled by members of Congress.  DeSantis retired from active duty a few years ago and now serves in the Naval Reserves.


While Ron has no prior political experience, his understanding of our founding principles and free enterprise is better than any political experience.  In 2011, he wrote a book, Dreams From Our Founding Fathers: First Principles in the Age of Obama, which reveals an author who fully understands the role of government as originally intended.  While discussing current issues with DeSantis, there was no equivocation that we usually see with candidates.  Student loan rate cuts?  “This will only further inflate the student loan bubble which will soon burst,” said DeSantis.  What about the Violence Against Women Act?  “It is unconstitutional and also inefficient.”

Many candidates we have interviewed this year tend to take the “waste, fraud, and abuse” route when discussing which areas of government they would cut. DeSantis is not hesitant to list a number of full departments that he would eliminate.  “Don’t make government work like a business … it’s inherently inefficient,” contends DeSantis. “You need to be intent on reducing size, scope and influence of government.”

We are desperately in need of more members who understand the proper role of government.  This is why The Madison Project considers it a true honor to endorse Ron DeSantis for the open seat in Florida District 9.  Erick has already endorsed Ron a few months ago.  Please join us in helping Ron put this one away early, so he can focus on the general election even before the August 14 primary.



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