Tom Cotton for Congress in Arkansas District 4

Editor’s Note: Tom Cotton has already received the official Red State endorsement.  Here is mine on behalf of The Madison Project PAC.

Our problem with elected Republicans in Washington is not just the lack of conservative idealism amongst their ranks.  There are many Republicans who intuitively understand what we must do to shrink the size of government.  The fundamental problem is that there is a dearth of elected officials who possess the courage and determination to use their political capital to implement transformational change.  That is exactly why we need more people like Tom Cotton in Congress.

Tom grew up on a farm in rural Dardanelle, Arkansas, near the Ozark Mountains.  He worked his way into Harvard and graduated with a bachelor’s degree and a law degree, paving the road for a promising and lucrative career as an attorney.  Instead, he was stirred by the 9/11 terrorist attacks to enlist in the army and serve his country.

As a Harvard law graduate, Cotton was offered a high-ranking job in the JAG Corps.  Cotton firmly declined this tempting offer and signed up for Ranger school.  He served in several major combat zones in Iraq with the 101st Airborne, earning numerous medals for his service.  Shortly after returning from Iraq, Cotton volunteered for a tour of duty in a dangerous part of Afghanistan.  It’s clear to us that Tom Cotton will not be the type to genuflect before the special interest groups or leadership in Washington, DC.

After receiving numerous requests to run for public office, Cotton decided to run for the House seat in Arkansas’s 4th district being vacated by Democrat Mike Ross.  It is easy to avoid the primary for this conservative district with the assumption that Republicans will win the seat anyway.  However, it’s not enough to nominate just any Republican.  We have learned the hard way by largely ignoring primaries in Arkansas, leading to the unfortunate election of Republicans who support subsidies and one who is leading the charge for tax increases.

Tom Cotton has shown that he has a deep understanding of the policies and politics behind every major issue, from energy subsidies to the national security threats from Islamic terror, China, and Russia.  Cotton has the intellectual prowess to articulate unvarnished free-market policies and the fortitude to hold the line on them.  He fought off the bad guys in the mountains and deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan; he will have no compunction in doing battle with the statists in the swamps of DC.

The Madison Project is honored to support this American hero for Congress.  Let’s give him the extra momentum he needs to avoid a runoff election following the primary on May 22.

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