Jon Bruning Would Still Vote for Holder

If we ever desire to win a conservative majority even within the Republican conference, we must elect unvarnished conservatives in solid red states like Nebraska.  That’s why we are supporting Don Stenberg, a man who has held consistent conservative views, for Senate.


Unfortunately, Jon Bruning is spending a lot of money convincing people that he is something that he never was before he decided to run for Senate.  As Erick pointed out, not only did Bruning lobby for the confirmation of Eric Holder as Attorney General and Tom Perez as Assistant Attorney General and head of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, he refuses to admit it was a mistake, even after Holder has proven himself to be the worst man to ever hold that office.

Yesterday, Bruning doubled down on his support for Holder during an interview with a local radio station in Omaha.  What was even more appalling was his attempt to rationalize that support by suggesting that Holder was going to be confirmed anyway so he felt that it was prudent to be “reasonable” and “supportive” of guy who they’d have to work with.  Towards the end of the clip, he went on to assert that he definitely opposes some of the things Holder and Tom Perez have done in the Justice Department.

Folks, this statement exemplifies to the nth degree what is wrong with the current crop of GOP leaders in the Senate.  That is exactly what they believe; when you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  A true statesman leads from the front and stands on principle even against the odds.  In this instance, he was urging sitting senators, not just state attorneys general, to support Holder.


It is simply astounding that somebody would so brazenly stand by their support for Eric Holder after his calamitous three years in office.  It is unconscionable that we would nominate this guy from a state like Nebraska.  I’ll say it again, and will keep repeating it throughout the campaign season: if we can’t elect reasonably consistent conservatives from states like this, then we should pack up our bags and forget about winning in politics.

We don’t have to settle for a ‘when you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ Republican.  Let’s help elect Don Stenberg, a man who will vote and advocate against radical nominees, irrespective of how likely they are to succeed.

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