Polar Bears, Walruses and Climate Change

Susan Crockford is a zoologist who was employed by the University of Victoria in Canada.  She was employed there for 15 years but recently lost her job because she published a paper noting that polar bear populations were not in decline.


From National Geographic to Greenpeace to the World Wildlife Fund and others, polar bears are the poster children for climate change.  It should be noted that Ms. Crockford did not deny climate change.  She merely reported that polar bear populations, based on years of studies and work in the field, were either stable or growing.  Unfortunately, that put her on the wrong side of the climate change police and her contract was not renewed.

Canadian officials recently cut the polar bear hunting quota based on these unfounded climate change fears.  That has drawn the ire of representatives of the Inuits in Canada, the very people who actually live with polar bears.  Inuit residents have protested noting that polar bear populations have increased and one spokesman said this trend has been seen since the 1980s.

This confirms Crockford’s studies which have determined that polar bear populations have decreased in some areas and increased in others, but overall there is a slight uptick in the polar bear population or at the very least, the polar population has remained stable over the years.

Of course, this plays against the propaganda from the climate change hysterics.  National Geographic ran a picture of an emaciated polar bear with the subtitle, “This is what climate change looks like.”  When called out on it by certain scientists, the subtitle was changed to “This is what starvation looks like.”  Crockford weighed in then that there are many things that lead to starvation in the bears but the leading cause seems to be a depletion of the food supply because there are too many polar bears competing for a limited food supply in an area.  She further noted that disease or a broken jaw (apparently common in polar bears) can cause starvation.  Even when corrected, National Geographic could not get it right.


The whole to-do is supposedly caused by a shrinking polar ice cap.  But as Crockford notes, as the ice melts, polar bears actually thrive.  Ringed seals, their primary diet, multiply in warmer water.  She does note that average water temperatures have increased since 2005 which means there are more ringed seals which means there are more polar bears eating ringed seals.

As the Inuits note, polar bears are actually the beneficiaries of climate change to the extent climate change even exists in the first place.  And lest we believe that this is being witnessed only in Canada, residents of Ryrkayply in Siberia noted that the polar bear population is increasing and some have even invaded homes.

The World Wildlife Fund itself recently noted that in a study of 19 polar bear populations, only one was in decline, two were increasing and remainder were stable.  Misrepresenting wildlife populations or behavior to advance climate change hysteria is nothing new.  David Attenborough filmed a documentary of walruses plunging off a cliff as “because of climate change.”  Seriously?  Walruses are committing suicide because of climate change?

It was later revealed that walruses hauled out on land will spook easily and seek the safety of water- even if it means plunging off a cliff.  Ironically, some of these stampedes of suicidal walruses are caused by polar bears who herd walruses deliberately and feast on the carcasses at the base of a cliff.  Another thing that scares walruses are documentarians in airplanes or operating drones.  This harkens back to that 1958 documentary of lemmings jumping off a cliff.  Sadly, the whole scene was staged for the sake of drama.


The University of Victoria has neither confirmed nor denied suspicions that Crockford was let go because her findings regarding polar bears was heretical to climate change hysteria.  However, they did cite one 2017 vague complaint from someone that there was a “lack of balance” in her research.  Apparently that “lack of balance” is providing scientific proof refuting the decline of climate change’s poster child.

This illustrates the lengths the climate change hysterics will go to in order to prove their point.  Rephrasing phenomena that has been happening since there have polar bears on this earth in order to prove climate change, they make a mockery of basic science.  It is time to look for a new poster child.  But a shrinking ice cap (not actually proven) is just not as sexy as an emaciated polar bear.


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