The Culture Wars: #61 in a Series

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Another week and another in a series of looniness from the Left.


Idiot of the Week

This week’s idiot of the week award goes to Omorosa.  Need I say more?

Those Offensive Teenage T-Shirts

A young high school student in California (where else?) was kicked out of class for wearing an offensive T-shirt.  After being threatened by and lectured to by the teacher, the young lady stood her ground.  The offensive aspect of the T-shirt? It supported the NRA.

A Little More of This Please

It is common for police to release mugshots of those arrested along with their names and the crimes for which they are charged.  This did not sit too well when the Berkeley Police Department did so as concerns about 20 antifa members who were recently arrested when one of their “rallies” grew violent.  Antifa members are now crying foul stating that the police were specifically targeting only antifa members.

And a Lot More of This Also, Please

Recently, voters went to the primary polls in several states.  In what is now becoming a pattern, three candidates openly supported by the moonbat future of the Democratic Party- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez- went down in flames.  In Michigan, her preferred candidate for Governor- Abdul El-Sayed lost, as did Congressional candidates Cori Bush in Kansas and Kaniela Ing in Hawaii.


Proving that she is not only a dingbat who obviously learned nothing at Boston University, she is also the kiss of death to endorsed candidates.  Hint to Democratic candidates: if you see AOC about to endorse you, run and treat her like the plague.

The Great Sam Adams Boycott

The owner and founder of the Boston Beer Company- makers of Sam Adams Beer (try the cherry wheat ale!)- recently set down to dinner with President Trump and thanked him for the recent tax cuts since it made the domestic beer industry more competitive.

Enter Joseph Curatone, the mayor of Somerville, MA who took to Twitter to announce he would no longer be drinking Sam Adams beer!  He then took it a step further and said all “resistors” should avoid the beer. Then he asserted that the beer company is “complicit in Trump’s white nationalist agenda” before ending his Twitter rant with something about kids being separated at the border.  

So just remember: the next time you suck down that cold Sam Adams on a hot summer day, you too may be a white supremacist.

The Shape of Things to Come

Barbara John is a German politician and member of Angela Merkel’s party.  She recently penned an article that stated, among other things:

In Germany it is only a question of time until people of immigrant background form a majority of the population in the larger cities. That point has already been reached in Frankfurt am Main: back in 2017, 51.2% of the city’s inhabitants had not been born in Germany or had non-German parents. Augsburg and Stuttgart are the next candidates or have already reached that status.…The trend towards a rapidly growing proportion of immigrants is irreversible. Fears are already spreading, but also hopes….So many things will be different and many things better too.


So get on the multicultural bandwagon, you crazy Teutons!

And the Democrats Just Keep Getting Weirder

Never mind the fact that the supposed future of the Democratic Party is a 27-year-old socialist Puerto Rican bartender from the Bronx who alters a biography and cannot coherently articulate a policy.  In Vermont, Democratic voters nominated the nation’s first transgender for Governor, Christine (Christopher?) Hallquist. In Minnesota, the Louis Farrakhan-loving Keith Ellison won his primary for state Attorney General.



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