An Interview With Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

An Interview With Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
L-R Mike Ford, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Photo by Mike Ford. Used with permission

One of the most interesting parts of attending CPAC 2021, was the opportunity to meet folks we only see on TV, hear on the radio, or read about on the internet. During Saturday’s session, I had the opportunity for a one-on-one interview with US Representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Congresswoman from my neighboring state of Georgia. I will say right up front, I like this lady. She’s smart, articulate, personable, and seems to understand who she works for, unlike a goodly number of DC swamp denizens.

The first thing we had to do, is deal with (no pun intended) the elephant in the room…her removal from House Committee assignments by the entire Democrat caucus, joined by 11 Republican quislings. It is a matter of record that Representative Greene made some questionable comments before she ran for Congress. It’s also a matter of record that she has retracted those comments and apologized for them, not only in front of her own caucus (to a standing ovation) but also on the floor of the House Chamber. Since she made the comments before the election and the voters decided to send her to Washington anyhow, I personally consider that particular matter properly adjudicated and hence, closed. More on that, further down.

Once we got the National Enquirer issue off the plate, it was time to get down to brass tacks. What motivates Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene? In her own words:

I have a wonderful life, didn’t need to run for Congress…It’s not a job I want. I would much rather be running my construction company.

Rep. Greene mentioned two major concerns: gun rights and election integrity. She pointed to H.R. 127, a measure sponsored by Democrat Representative, Sheila Jackson Lee, from the great state of Texas. Lee’s bill would make it illegal to own standard capacity magazines and any type of Modern Sporting Rifle. Greene had this to say:

The Democrats, their long term goal, and they’ve been talking about it for years, is gun control. They would like very much to confiscate all the guns in this country and take away gun owners’ rights.

Rep. Greene has sponsored two bills:

Gun Owner Privacy Act H.R. 1132 : This pro-gun legislation ensures that gun ownership is not monitored and logged by the federal government, and provides legal recourse by allowing damages to be collected by citizens whose rights have been violated.


Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) H.R. 993: Will defund all federal gun control enforcement and end funding for regulation and guidance issued by the ATF.

I must say, as a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, I favor both of these bills. I especially like H.R. 993. I have always found it bizarre that we have a federal agency costing billions of taxpayer dollars, whose sole purpose is to regulate two common commodities (alcohol and tobacco) and an enumerated constitutional right (keep and bear arms).

The Congresswoman and I then moved on to the next subject, H.R 1. H.R. 1 is Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to lock in Democrat electoral victories for the foreseeable future.

Again, Rep. Greene:

The Democrats are going to do everything they can to ram H.R. 1 through, which is a federalization of our elections nationwide

When I queried Greene about the federal role in stopping this, I must admit she zeroed in on what I consider the correct constitutional response.

This is going to be where states are critical

She went on to mention a conversation with Governor Kemp of Georgia and his efforts with the Georgia legislature. My colleague Bonchie has a piece up on this particular legislative effort in Georgia.

Read: Georgia Passes Election Reform Bill in Wake of 2020 Disaster, but Is It Enough?

Rep. Greene and I chatted a bit more until her schedule dictated that she move on. Here’s the way I assess this particular politician and this particular situation. Before she was even a candidate, Marjorie Taylor Greene made some questionable statements. So what. Who hasn’t? The voters in Georgia decided to send her to Washington anyhow. That’s where it should have ended.

As far as I am concerned, the election made her previous statements no longer an issue. The voters spoke. I understand what the Democrats did. I expect such from them, just like I expect to get stung by scorpions. It’s what they do. It’s the quisling Republicans that went along with them, that I am calling out.

Notably, three of the RINOs that unjustly voted to remove Greene from her committee assignments, also voted to impeach President Trump. Go figure. In my book, all eleven of them have made our lives easier. They have identified themselves as candidates for primary challenges in 2022.

As for Congresswoman Greene, she’s saying and more importantly, doing, all the right things. We all know that her two bills haven’t a snowball’s chance in hell of passing. But that’s not important. She is swinging the bat. If I’m the one prioritizing resources to promote primary challenges to Republicans who aren’t acting very “republican,” she’s certainly not going to be a target.

Congresswoman Greene is a good example for the Republican Party. We need to stand shoulder to shoulder defending folks like her, instead of virtue signaling in hopes of appeasing Democrats or getting invites to all the right parties. Instead of excoriating her, the Republican caucus needs to discipline the members who voted to remove her from her committee assignments.

For those of you already doing research for 2022, these are the Republican Representatives who voted against their own party member and in effect, thumbed their noses at the voters of the 14th District who had weighed the circumstances…and picked her.

Diaz-Balart (FL)
Fitzpatrick (PA)
Gimenez (FL)
Jacobs (NY)
Katko (NY) **
Kim (CA)
Kinzinger (IL) **
Malliotakis (NY)
Salazar (FL)
Smith (NJ)
Upton (MI) **

** Voted to impeach President Trump in 2021

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