Red State CPAC Report 005-1215-26 Feb 2021

Red State CPAC Report 006-1215-26 Feb 2021

Hello, Red State! Welcome back to CPAC 2021! This is Report # 5. We are open for business! As always, the best part…the singing of our National Anthem…sung straight up…no “artistic interpretation,” by the lovely Ms. Sailor Sabol.


Side note: See the volunteer saluting? A while back, Veterans became officially authorized to render the hand salute to our Flag, even in civilian clothes. That volunteer is a Navy veteran, now serving once again, just on another battlefield.

First out of the blocks today, Matt Schlapp — along with the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis — gave out the welcome. Very nice tribute to Rush Limbaugh. The Governor also, and with good reason, touted his state’s policy that has addressed the Wuhan China Virus, while at the same time, refusing to use the full force of government to destroy people’s livelihoods. Hopefully, while here, he will find the time to address the Orange County, City of Orlando, and Hyatt Hotel’s militant mask policy. More on that later.

Stay tuned….and as always, your commentary is appreciated.



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