Opinion: Day One; A Marker on the Table

It is done. Yesterday, Chief Justice John Roberts read the words and to the limit of his diminished cognitive ability, Joe Biden tried to repeat them. Thus we have installed a new, if illegitimate President of these United States. Yesterday was a sad day in United States history. We ceremoniously validated the open and notorious theft of a presidential election. Even more sadly, this theft was enabled by members of President Trump’s own party. But that was yesterday and today is the first day in a minimum of two years of unfettered Socialist government.


Where do we go from here? To discuss that, as we will during my “series of miniseries,” we have to establish a start point. Today, I want to place a marker on the table… a basis of reference if you will. I want to establish for the record, just where we are today, the first full day of a Biden administration. I will list three current conditions of these United States and the actions of President Trump that brought them to pass. As we undergo the upcoming pain, we will have today’s frame of reference to help us survive the long road back.

Here is a short list (hat tip to KCB, who got me going on this idea):

1. These United States of America are now a net exporter of energy. We have broken the OPEC stranglehold that once led to gas lines for Americans. As you can see from the featured photo I took at 1537 Eastern time yesterday, the price of a gallon of diet gas was $2.19/gallon in Talladega (Ricky Bobby!!) Alabama. The price of gas spent a lot of time under $2.00/gallon, even prior to the arrival of the Wuhan China Virus on our shores.

How did that happen? Simple. President Trump removed unnecessary and burdensome regulations not based on science. He got the Federal Government out of the way so American ingenuity could take us from being a net energy importer, to a net exporter. Incidentally, the people who the leftists constantly mewl about caring so much about, are the ones who benefit the most from these low gas prices. Face it, $7.00 gas doesn’t affect leftist millionaires. It affects mostly low income folks.


2. Let’s look at another metric, the unemployment rate. It now sits at 6.7 percent, even with all of the absurd responses to the Chinese virus. Before that, the unemployment rate was actually under the percentage recognized as statistically full employment. Moreover, Black and Hispanic unemployment was at the lowest point ever recorded. Gross Domestic Product topped 30 percent growth in the 3rd quarter of 2020, clearly a result of a strong Trump economy.

President Obama famously quipped, ”What magic wand do you have?” when taking a jab at President Trump over how to fix Obama’s moribund economy. Well Mr. Obama, the ”magic wand,” was a little common sense and application of economic principles. Candidate Trump recognized that the private sector is almost always a better judge of how to invest resources. Candidate and later President Trump also realized that taxation and regulation inhibit that ability. Tax cuts and regulatory cuts caused the greatest economic boom since the post World War II expansion.

3. Those are just two of the top line economic benefits. Now on to something really near and dear to my heart, Military and Foreign Policy. As a Soldier who has led folks into hostile terrain on behalf of my country, I am ecstatic at the performance of the “diplomatic neophyte” Donald J. Trump. Despite all the naysayers such as the much vaunted General Mattis and industry titans such as Rex Tillerson decrying his treatment of our allegedly staunch allies in NATO, policies towards terrorism-exporting countries and his relationship with Israel, President Trump’s foreign policy was an outstanding success.


First of all, No. New. Wars… Especially illegal ones like the conflict in Syria. As I’ve pointed out previously, if a Russian aircraft shot down a U.S. fighter jet over Syrian airspace, WE would be in the wrong. No new wars, and despite all the strident cries from the folks who haven’t achieved anything of import in the Middle East in over 4 decades, Donald Trump got it done.

All the so called experts, said moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would start another war. Ooops. Looks like that move effectively put the terrorists allegedly representing the so-called Palestinians into diplomatic check. They now have no veto over peace negotiations. As a result, we now have five, count them FIVE new peace accords in the Middle East. I would respectfully opine that any mother who has children of military age and who voted for Biden, needs to relook her priorities.

The above is of course not a complete list, merely a marker on the table… a start point for the evaluation of the Biden Harris Obama administration. I am collecting a list and would appreciate additions in the comments. Please include a link substantiating any data you do submit.

Final thought; We’ve laid a marker down here, soon to be expanded upon with your help. As we relook at the numbers while we pass through the next few years, we need to determine whether any improvements are because of Biden policies, or despite them; are not actually a result of what President Trump put in place. No matter what, we are in for interesting times. Buckle up.



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