Biden: Kamala Harris Best Person to Lead This Nation Come January 2021

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Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., speaks at a campaign rally for Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden at Renaissance High School in Detroit, Monday, March 9, 2020. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Gaffe: Noun; an unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment to its originator; a blunder, often made worse because it exposes an uncomfortable truth about the person making it.

I believe that if there was a worldwide contest for being a gaffe machine, former VP Joe Biden would make the finals every year. Being as he’s never claimed to be a genius, his blunders aren’t nearly as dramatic as when “The One,” talked about “all 57 states” or “our fallen heroes, many of whom are with us here today” or “corpse man.” However, Old Lunchbucket Joe can hold his own. But, I digress.

From my foxhole, the single biggest issue surrounding Biden’s VP pick is the heretofore unspoken (by his team) understanding that he likely will not fill out a full term and the VP selection is really that of his successor…even if he should manage to stumble mumble through its entirety.

My good friend and colleague Bonchie notes that even members of the Biden Team have started to publicly acknowledge this fact of life. Featured in his piece is a “slobbering praise” tweet from Clinton News Network (or if you are old like me, the Communist News Network) lauding Biden’s pick. I added emphasis on the extract.

Joe Biden made the pick that maximized his chances of continuing to make the race a straight referendum on Trump while also selecting someone whose resume suggests being ready to step in, if and when Biden decides to step aside. | Analysis by ‪@CillizzaCNN


Got that? If and WHEN Biden decides to step aside. That’s a pretty public announcement that jumps clean past admitting the possibility of a resignation And downright says it’s probable. Not news to anyone on our team, but interesting that the left even admits it. Of course, that could be a gaffe according to the definition above.

Speaking of gaffes, Biden himself appeared to admit the possibility (probability) that not only might he not make it through a full term, but might not even be in charge while he is in office. NBC tweets about a Biden email to his staffers (emphasis mine)

I’ve decided that Kamala Harris is the best person to help me take this fight to Donald Trump and Mike Pence and then to lead this nation starting in January 2021.”

I’ve long held the position that the Democrat party would (and ultimately did) pick Biden for one reason. The folks in the (no longer smoke-filled) back rooms had decided (pre-China Virus) that President Trump was going to win in November and there was nothing they could do about it. The economy was roaring and roaring louder every day.


Instead of tarnishing the up and coming rookies, they decided to give Biden the nomination as sort of their version of Hollywood’s, “Lifetime Achievement Award.” The former Veep would get his day in the sun as the purported Leader of the Democrat Party, lose with dignity and gracefully fade away, leaving the Democrats to lick their wounds and prepare for 2024.

The Wuhan China Virus changed that dynamic and to a fare thee well. Democrat attacks on the President about his response to the pandemic along with the effect on our economy have them believing they might have a shot in November. I could compare them to that dog who finally caught the car…Now What?

Former Vice President Joe Biden was never going to be President. Even if Democrat efforts at voter fraud manage to push him across the line in November…..or more likely December, he was never going to be the one calling the shots. Deep down I think he knows that. Gaffe? Maybe. More likely a Freudian slip. You decide. All comments are welcome.


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