Even The Army Times Isn’t Off Limits To Leftist Infection.

U.S.Army Colors

U.S.Army Colors

The leftists corrupt everything they touch. They can never just leave well enough alone. Now their grubby claws have managed to gain control of yet another American icon, the Army Times. The Army Times, was started in 1940 by Mel Ryder, just in time for World War II. For over 8 decades and 6 major conflicts, including the Cold War, it has provided news and other objective information to the members of the United States Army…at least until now.


According to the Daily Caller, the Times has appointed a far left radical feminist and avowed Trump hater named Sarah Sicard, as its top editor. From the article

The Army Times appointed as its top editor a 28-year-old feminist from Brooklyn who has repeatedly tweeted that she hates President Donald Trump and worked as a spokeswoman for a New York councilman who describes himself as a “moderate Democrat.

Her former boss might be a “moderate Democrat,” but based on some of the things she’s tweeted, the new hire surely doesn’t fall into that category. Again from the article

“Does anyone else feel like Donald Trump’s endorsement of anything makes the rest of us immediate hate that thing?” Sicard tweeted in May 2019.

Okay I hate @realDonaldTrump” she tweeted in September 2018.
“I mean, I hate Trump,” she tweeted in May 2017.

In January 2019, she tweeted she had lost followers because of “all my callouts of @POTUS.”


This is yet one more example of hatred for Donald Trump being used as an excuse to defy journalistic standards and place a highly biased, leftist hack in what was once a well regarded news source for members of the United States Army.

These people never quit.

Read the whole sordid article.



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